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We strive to bring success to our clients and their stakeholders by delivering seamless solutions across the banking and financial services spectrum. With disruptive trends such as regulatory demands, modernized API banking, and cutting-edge tech advancements, we empower our clients to remain ahead in this ever-evolving sphere.

As thought leaders equipped with best-in-class tools, 20+ years of expertise, deep domain knowledge, and strong partnerships, we enable banks and financial institutions to enhance operational efficiencies while driving optimized costs.

At Indium, our commitment to providing customized solutions has led us to develop specialized divisions focused solely on the banking and financial services sectors, catering to various domains such as retail, corporate, capital markets, cards & payments, along with risk and compliance functions. Having delivered best-in-class projects and solutions for asset management, wealth management, Asset servicing, custodians, and insurance sector firms, we understand the complexities and nitty-gritty of the financial services vertical.

With a vast clientele spread over North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, serving prominent international lenders of nearly 35% of the world’s top 30 financial entities and several leading domestic players, Indium Software proudly upholds its reputation for digital excellence.

We are committed to being a reliable partner to our clients and helping them navigate through the challenges of the evolving banking and financial services industry.

  • Leverage the power of data with our expertise in Data and Analytics solutions.
  • Modernize your applications and infrastructure with our expert services in Application Development and Cloud Engineering.
  • Ensure compliance and security with our comprehensive Digital Assurance services.
  • Drive deeper customer engagement with our Customer Experience and engagement solutions.
  • Stay competitive with our expert services in Low-Code Development and Digital Engineering, enabling your organization to become a nimble, data-driven and smart organization.

Innovative Solutions for a Dynamic BFSI Landscape

This is Our Definition for BFSI


Alternative Credit Scoring Using Ai-ML


API 1st Approach for Seamless Integration


Striim for Real-Time Data Movement


Next-Gen App Development and Services

Data Mining

Leveraging Apache Storm and Cloudera

Mobile App

Quality Assurance & User Acceptance Testing

Are the Services we offer in Banking

Our Capabilities - Transformative Digital Technology Solutions

Our expertise offers comprehensive, game-changing digital solutions customized for banks and insurers alike. By harnessing data and advanced technologies, including APIs, cloud, AI/ML, and microservices, we create exclusive IT systems par excellence. Plus, we provide an array of accelerators and frameworks honed from ample experience to ensure peerless results.

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Revolutionizing the Banking Industry with Cutting-Edge Digital Solutions

Embrace the future of banking with Indium’s innovative digital ecosystem. From customer onboarding to fraud detection, our comprehensive solutions help you stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry.

Future of Asset & Wealth Management

Indium Software can help you create an evolving future of asset and wealth management digital ecosystem that enhances performance, efficiency, and customer experience. Our expertise spans the entire asset and wealth management value chain spectrum, including portfolio management, asset performance analytics, risk management, and customer data management.

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