iMobi – Mobile Testing Framework | Mobiles, Tabs and Other Devices
iMobi Mobile Automated Testing Framework

With mobile phones becoming the preferred mode of computation as well as communication, apps are being developed exclusively for this device. Keeping pace with this new development, Indium has equipped its mobile lab with a growing inventory of devices for physical testing. But in addition, aware that manual testing of apps on each device cannot address the need for shorter time to market, it has developed a robust Mobile Automated Testing Framework, iMobi, to automate the testing process and ensure quality throughout grid testing at lower cost and time.

iMobi Advantage

iMobi helps companies who develop mobile applications test their mobile apps faster for Functionality, Compatibility and Performance.

Big Data Engineering


Advanced Analytics

Blockchain Solutions

Product Development



Big Data Engineering


Advanced Analytics

Blockchain Solutions

Product Development

How iMobi works

Indium’s Mobile application testing automation framework (iMobi) has two components – namely, Framework Layer and Automation Suite, interlinked through the iMobi automation scripts. The framework layer is the driver script that generates new scripts. The Reporting Engine in this layer provides the complete test report of each scenario and all test results.

The iMobi automation script in the automation suite module is linked with input data and generic libraries. The object repository serves as a median between the generic libraries and the global variables. These constituents are meshed with each other in the suite for execution.

iMobi Impact

iMobi supports Browser Stack and eliminates Static Web driver. The mobile app automation testing using Selenium indulges grid for target based execution report and also runs several instances of tests in parallel. It works on any target browser even if the browser is scripted with Java. The test results generated can be customized in various formats such as html, excel, PDF, etc

iMobi Usage

This tool agnostic framework can work with:



XSL transformation

Socket Programming

Type of Application




Windows Dialogues Applications




Selenium Grid


iOS and Android

iMobi Benefits

iMobi framework is a result of Indium’s years of experience in testing and working closely with customers to ease their pain. Therefore, some of the benefits it delivers include:

Customizable to generate test results in various formats – HTML, Excel, pdf etc.

Faster execution time enabled through several parallel executions at the same time

Works on any target browser that has JavaScript support

Works on cloud-based browser services

The script is not required on target device

It does not take the control of the device

Sends out email reports & customizable to send out SMS text messages

Provides ability to execute Selenium and Genie code from the same script