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One of the major challenges for Quality Assurance (QA) teams is the lack of synergy between functional testing team (manual, automation) and non-functional testing team (performance). uphoriX mainly addresses the complexity of having multiple teams and brings synergy across all streams of QA with one flavour of scripts.

uphoriX is bundled with our QA services, hence no additional cost is involved.

Yes, it is completely customizable according to your needs. You can even use specific modules as well based on your needs.

uphoriX is not a testing tool, rather a smart platform that Facilitates entire QA process. The fundamental idea behind creating uphoriX is to expand the QA offering by having one script in hand. With uphoriX, the complete range of QA services such as automation, performance, security and compatibility can be done with a single flavour of scripts.

For test automation, uphoriX can be used for all applications. However, for performance, security and compatibility testing, only web and web-based applications are supported.

Flexi Grab intelligently records user interaction on the application (e.g textbox values, button clicks, form submission, etc.) into pseudo code. The captured script could be organized as scenarios and test cases, enabling a functional tester to run test scripts for performance or security.

Data is generated in .CSV or JSON file formats in the local machine and not on a remote system. The data is, therefore, secure.

Yes. You can run Automation scripts on real device/browsers/ multiple OS versions as well as mobile emulators and simulators.

For automation, security and performance, all browsers are supported. However, with Flexi Grab, which is part of the uphoriX platform, only Chrome browser is supported.

uphoriX leverages the test script created using Flexi Grab to execute on popular cloud platforms such as flood.io, Blazemeter etc. and the subscription for these tools are to be paid by the client.

Initial script capture is typically based on Flexi Grab for which programming skills aren’t required. However, to enhance the script, programming skills are required. uphoriX provides jump start scripts for respective programming languages like Java, JavaScript, TypeScript.

Apart from vulnerability assessment, uphoriX also performs SAST, an automated code review (Vulnerability assessment for source code). Examples: Python, PHP, C#, Java

Yes, uphoriX comes with its own installer package.

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