Indium’s DevOps and Cloud Shared Services

Facilitate seamless collaboration, speed up your software development and deployment with Indium’s expert Cloud Engineering and DevOps and Cloud shared services, where we bring together the best of development and operations under one unified space. 

Why do you need Shared Services?

When your teams are working on high-priority software projects, it is important to ensure that all the other aspects of your project delivery are going smoothly. Development teams may often not have the expertise for product releases and the skills to ensure a seamless operation workflow. And when moving to a Cloud environment, your teams might need expert support. That’s where a professional shared services team can be of great help.

Cost efficiency

High scalability and flexibility

Faster software delivery

Increased efficiency and software quality

Better collaboration and communication

Expert development and deployment support

Key Benefits of Our Shared Services

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    Operating cost optimization model

    Our Bouquet of Hours (BOH) shared services model allows you to pay only for the hours of support you need, and scale as you go, bringing down your operating costs significantly.

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    Plethora of services on offer without platform/skill boundaries

    Our expert teams are well-versed across multiple software development platforms and skillsets and offer a wide range of DevOps services for faster and higher success rates of your software deployments. 

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    Guaranteed on-time responses

    Our dedicated DevOps professionals are available to ensure on-time and prompt responses to resolve any queries or issues during all the important stages of your software development lifecycle.

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    On-demand/Periodic support services

    We also offer on-demand and periodic support services at any point during the product’s lifecycle to suit your business needs.

Indium’s Cutting-Edge Shared Services Model

With Indium’s unique and tailored Shared Services Model, you can now scale your software development projects easily as per your business requirements, pay as you go and let go of long-term commitments.

Indium’s well-thought-out and strategic shared services will enable improved communication and collaboration between your Development and Operations teams, faster project execution, and seamless launch of your product.

Our Bouquet-of-Hours (BOH) shared services model doesn’t require any long term contractual locking from you. All you have to do is subscribe for our pre-defined Bouquet of Hours for 40 Hours and consume any services listed in Cloud and DevOps service catalogue with a validity of 30 calendar days and scale as your business needs. This flexible and subscription model allows you to optimize your software development projects effectively, while keeping a check on your costs.

Our DevOps Specialization

Enhance the quality of your development operations and accelerate your product launch with Indium’s DevOps shared services. We understand your unique business requirements and offer a well-curated and tailored delivery model to improve collaboration and workflow between your software development and operations teams.

Our delivery model of support and services is orchestrated by a specialized team of Cloud and DevOps experts. With standardized processes and systems, we provide efficient and on-time services to meet your business requirements. We have a dedicated team that is focused on customer satisfaction and offers end-to-end DevOps support.

Our Cloud Engineering Expertise

Our Partnerships

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Indium’s DevOps Shared Services.

Why Choose Indium?

Flexible Support Model

Multi skilled workforce 

Time Bound delivery

16×5 Business Support

Robust Governance structure 

Utilization reports on consumption of BoH

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