Database Testing Services

Pertaining to database, rushing a data warehouse into service without comprehensive testing becomes one of the greatest risks while administering an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) system. Indium’s ETL testing process meticulously assures the quality starting from validating the data required and data sources to reports testing (drill down/drill through).

Indium by evaluating and identifying any differences, makes sure that the data mined from data sources rests intact in the target data warehouse.

By making sure that the ETL testing approach executed is operative, Indium ensures that optimum prominence is provided to the conversion of data between legacy and target. With our tool-based approach towards database testing, data glitches in the production environment can be averted helping automate test planning as well as test execution actions at every phase in the test life cycle. Using Indium, you will:

  • Effortlessly systematize your manual testing effort
  • Discover inconsistent data during validation
  • Provide shareable, programmed email reports
  • Offer faster realization Return On Investment (ROI)

To make sure that valid and correct data are in the system achieving business requirements, our testing team develops a data-centric testing approach.

Indium software’s ETL Testing Approach includes

  • Dedicated Test Lab – Comprehensive tool sets, jumpstart kits, tele/video conference
  • Prepare, execute and assist in automating test scripts – use the latest tools & frameworks (leverages open source tools as well)
  • QoQ improvement in % automation and improved re-usability
  • Vulnerability scanning – leveraging a tool for identifying inherent vulnerabilities in applications
  • Architecture validation from a performance engineering stand point
  • Performance diagnostics and bottlenecks identification

DB/BI Testing Platform

Requirement Traceability
Test Case Coverage
Test Data Coverage
Defect Tracking &
Process Improvement
Automated Test Case
Automated Regression

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