Data Quality Validation Services

Indium Software offers Data Quality Validation (DQV) services to systematize and enrich the data, however large and complex they may be. Our customers have achieved next level of technology transformation with the historical data and primed for effective decision making.

Some of the challenges to DQV include

ETL not being mapped or executed properly

Data received from various sources lack cohesion

Indium Software’s Approach

Identify and eliminate the data errors that occur during big data testing, for reporting. To solve the business needs, we have developed a comprehensive solution that will make sure that the process is accurate and the results are delivered as promised.

Indium Software’s Best Practices For DQV

Right from requirements gathering to the delivery and maintenance, Indium Software has a process-oriented approach that covers the following:

We offer Data Quality Validation services irrespective of ETL tools or technology used. Our services include:

Data Quality Validation Tools Expertise

We have vast experience in automated, semi-automated and manual ETL testing. Our expertise with automated testing tools guarantees that only valid data will be delivered. Some of the popular tools in which we have our expertise are:

Tools Expertise

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