Claris FileMaker Development Services

In today’s digital world, the objective for businesses is to develop scalable applications quickly without expending many resources while keeping costs to a minimum.

In application development – The key focus is the speed of development. Be it web apps, mobile apps, integrations with legacy systems or ERPs & more, the entire development lifecycle turnaround time needs to be quick and scalable. This requires companies to move beyond the constraints of existing technology to solve key business problems and get ahead of their competition. This is where low-code development solutions come into play.

Indium Software’s FileMaker (low-code platform) development services help build applications within short time frames, increase your team’s productivity and drive profitable business outcomes. We ensure the process is scalable for the unique requirements of each business.

Indium Software’s FileMaker development services include:

Our services span across multiple platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the Web. We have over two decades of experience building scalable applications on low-code platforms for different devices and catering to clients in different sectors such as BFSI, healthcare & life sciences, manufacturing, education, retail and more.  Our FileMaker development services include customization and integration options, covering all applications, solutions and tasks.

Our team of experts leverage FileMaker and a combination of other databases. In certain cases, it is linked to external sources such as MySQL, Oracle and SQL server and acts as front-end graphical user interface (GUI) with system logic and processing. FileMaker can also serve as a back-end database accessible to Java and .Net applications over ODBC and JDBC. (give expansion)

Indium Software has worked with WebDirect, Custom Web Publishing, Instant Web Publishing and other similar tools. We have built full-scale web applications for our clients using FileMaker databases.

Our-inhouse team of FileMaker experts have leveraged technologies such as FileMaker SDK, C++ and more to build plugins for Windows, Mac OS. Visual Studio and xCode are the tools we use for plugin development.

Indium has developed a multitude of applications by leveraging FileMaker. Below are a few of the systems/applications we have developed:

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Project management system

Inventory management system

Electronic health records (EHR)

Patient record management system

Point of Sale (PoS) system

FileMaker Benefits


FileMaker serves as a low-code or no-code platform allowing developers to build software little to no programming. Since it comes with pre-built modules and templates, plugins, integrations and more, application development takes only a fraction of time.

Create Smart Applications

FileMaker enables you to add shortcuts and integrate machine learning into custom applications. The voice commands help perform automations, sentiment analysis, image classification, face detection, object detection, text prediction and more.

Start and Remain in Cloud

Companies can move applications to the cloud with no configuration and create applications directly in a single-step process. This method helps your team avoid the upload process and multi-step configuration, while making the applications instantly available to share.

Enhance custom Applications with JavaScript

Embed JavaScript packages from already available free or paid libraries to integrate modular components to your application. Data visualization, maps, calendar and more can be embedded.

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