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Building Microservices Using .Netcore

Microservices is the new norm of the digital era to build scalable
software for enterprises.

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Running a microservice is not just the defining of the boundary and individual business capabilities, it requires the right infrastructure and components to facilitate communication and containers for deployment.

.Net Core, an open source framework that works on cross platforms eases the development and deploying microservices end-to-end using various in-built components like C# for writing robust backend services , Azure API gateway for service communication, Azure service bus for asynchronous messaging, Azure Kubernetes for containerization & Azure service fabric for small scale deployments. Ultimately, to build a microservice the larger scope must be taken into consideration.

In this webinar, you will come across the reasons as to why microservices need to be built for your business, creating a microservice architecture using .netcore, the challenges faced during the implementation and its various applications across domains.

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