5 Reasons Penetration Testing Is Essential For Your Business

Also known as ethical hacking or pen testing, penetration testing is a security testing process that helps evaluate a computer application’s vulnerabilities and susceptibilities which could be exploited by hackers.

Penetration tests, performed by penetration testing services are also regarded as the white-hat attacks since it includes the party’s benevolent attempt for breaking into a specific system. Business enterprises should be performing penetration tests regularly to ensure that the Information Technology infrastructure will stay well-protected and robust. Business organizations are sure to reap a lot of benefits with penetration testing.

What is Penetration Testing?

It is possible to execute penetration testing on different individual applications, IP address ranges. Recognizing weak points in defense of the system through simulated attacks helps business enterprises know the various ways hackers might gain unauthorized access to personal and sensitive information, which might result in data breaches.

It will help if you keep in mind that data breaches are highly expensive to business enterprises. There are primarily five different penetration testing types, including internal testing, targeted testing, blind testing, external testing, and double testing.

In this article, you will learn why penetration testing is necessary.

Decreasing Downtime and Costs

Performing penetration testing regularly helps in preventing different attacks. It ensures business continuity if testing is successful. With the performance of penetration testing, you should ensure that the team is recovering rapidly. Besides this, it helps restore the network and system in case of needs.

The cost of data breaches is approximately about $3.92 million for every violation. External penetration tests are regarded as a proactive option for highlighting and fixing the IT system’s most crucial vulnerabilities.

They are beneficial in addressing different potential weaknesses. It also assists the team so that they can make the prerequisite preparations in moving with care once the system is facing downtime.

Protecting Customer trust and brand Reputation

If a hacker exploits the system successfully, it might lead to data leakage. Hence, the potential audience will be upset. In case of any data leakage, the potential audience will lose their faith as you fail to ensure the information’s safety and security.

A single breach is enough to taint the reputation of the business. It would be best if you remember that the consequences will be huge. Penetration testing is useful in preventing harmful data leakage.

With the elimination of different cyber security vulnerabilities systematically, you will be capable of offering the prerequisite security to the potential audience. So, you can be ensured that the potential audience will take privacy quite seriously. As you successfully maintain and ensure a stronger security posture, you will gain a good brand reputation.

Assuring Compliance with Different Security Regulations and Standards

The benefits of penetration testing are not limited to protecting the business and the assets from different hackers. It also offers protection to the whole network and data security concerns, primarily as the company needs to comply with different security regulations and standards.

The majority of the industries are known to behold to the governing body, which is responsible for the stipulation of the base cyber security level, which are necessary for the business’s legitimate operation.

Recognizing Different Security Vulnerabilities and Exposures before the Cybercriminals

Hackers have access to cutting-edge technology. With the patching of security vulnerability, cybercriminals are going to find a new way to enter. With the evolution of cyber threats, there should be an evolution in different cyber security efforts.

Execution of the penetration tests offers a suitable choice to the potential audience in gauging the defense. Besides this, it is helpful in finding when the system was successfully hacked. Penetration testing plays an integral role in highlighting different cyber security exposures.

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It would be ideal to rectify various problems before the hackers are trying to exploit the same. With the testing of the whole cyber security perimeter, you will be capable of prioritizing the threats through risks.

Protecting the Business

Irrespective of the industry, hackers might view every company as the exploitable opportunity.

The home business might possess personal data or computing power, which are at greater risks. The majority of the non-enterprise businesses are known to lack the expertise and resources, which are essential for securing the system properly.

 A few of the most common cyber attacks include web-based attack, phishing social engineering, general malware, denial of the devices, stolen and compromised devices, SQL injection, zero-day and advanced malware attacks, cross-site scripting, malicious insider, to name a few.

Whether you are trying to integrate the infrastructure, the new applications, you need to execute the penetration testing.

It offers a controlled and safer option to test the efficiency of the system to protect against different external attacks. Such a test offers a suitable choice in finding if the specific system is responding to various threats. It helps in highlighting the potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities at the same time.

It is possible to predetermine the timing and scope of the penetration testing. It helps the potential audience in fine-tuning different areas of the cyber security system.


Penetration testing is the need of the hour in mitigating different cyber threats encountered by the business enterprise. Such security practices play an integral role in protecting the business and the reputation.

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With the adoption of the robust approach to cyber security, you will successfully address such prioritized risks at ease.

Besides this, it is helpful in reviewing the risk exposure in no time. Hackers are becoming more skilled and smarter with each passing day.

It is essential for decision-makers to assure robust and appropriate cyber security for the systems. Penetration testing is necessary for finding different weak links within the security arrangements. It helps in determining the areas which need improvement.