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Top AI Trends Transforming Healthcare Industry

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  • November 21, 2022
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Did you know that the market growth of AI in tech grew 55% just from 2020 to 2021? Technology has made huge strides in the medical world in the last couple of years. The healthcare industry is moving into a new era with multiple inventions that help to discover, avert, and cure diseases.

The secret to this magnificent growth is the use of technologies that are guided by AI and workflow digitization in the health industry.  We now have multiple healthcare tools, thanks to AI, that provide faster and more efficient medical solutions.

As a medical professional, incorporating AI into your healthcare business will give you the following benefits and more:

  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Easy access to medical services
  • Better data security
  • Increased productivity
  • Profit maximization and cost reduction

In this article, we will explore the top AI trends that have the most impact on the healthcare industry, explaining the different ways in which they have impacted or changed how medical professionals operate.

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Top 7 AI Trends that Transform the Healthcare Industry

1. Robotic Surgeries

Investment in medical devices that use robots has increased greatly with the introduction of AI in the medical industry. The success rate of this trend is so good that it has become the new idea for the future of surgery and is expected to have incredible adoption rates in the coming years.

Surgical robots help identify critical insights and state-of-the-art practices by browsing through millions of data sets with the help of ML techniques. It allows the surgeons to focus on the complex aspects of the surgery.

AI has also been helping surgeons in preoperative planning and intraoperative guidance.

2. Remote Health Monitoring/Telehealth

Telehealth is the process of using technology to get remote health care and help people manage their ailments better without having to go to the hospital. Aside from the innovations for surgery, AI is set to revolutionize how we monitor our health, especially from home. 

AI in Telehealth helps doctors to make data driven decisions, it gives access to real-time data which eventually improves patient experience and health outcomes.  

3. Administrative Workflow Automation

When most people think about healthcare, they only consider the act of treating patients. However, administrative duties are equally important as they determine many productivity factors in any industry or company, irrespective of its niche.

A lot of work is involved in keeping a medical facility running without problems – from getting insurance authorization to following up with patients about medical bills to ensuring useful data is collected and recorded properly. AI helps automate the administrative workflow process and resources to make the system work as efficiently as possible.

4. Digital Therapeutics/Primary Care

Digital therapeutics, otherwise known as DTx, is a proof-based treatment based on patients’ behaviors with the aid of software. Digital therapeutics is expected to improve the healthcare industry when it comes to treatment effectiveness and accessibility. The program observes the feeding, sugar level in the blood, blood pressure, exercise, and medication to improve the treatment of patients.

Medical practitioners and patients can trust the recommendations given through digital therapeutics, which guide the treatment of a couple of common illnesses by using simulations to enhance the changes in behavior. It uses different trackers to change the care of patients without needing professional help from medical practitioners. 

5. Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

AI has been instrumental in the industry, improving the diagnostic and treatment decisions, while reducing medical errors. Integrating AI will give secure access to patient records and data, and it can help detect or define the risks of someone getting a disease.

This will reduce the workload of healthcare providers and help them focus on prevention and treatment for the patients.

6. Drug Discovery

The process, from researching new drugs to getting patients as a viable means of treatment, is long and expensive.

Research of drugs and discovery is another AI trend changing the medical industry rapidly when finding new drugs that can help patients combat infections. The health industry uses the latest in AI development to improve the drug repurposing and discovery process in a way that drastically shortens the time it takes for new drugs to get to the market and also reduces the cost of getting the drugs.

7. Value-Based Care

AI can help drive efficiency of value-based care thus improving the quality of patient care and enhancing patient outcomes.  It helps in organizing and analyzing healthcare data, enhancing diagnostic procedures and predictions, improving informed clinical decision-making and so on.

Medical companies can have significant cost savings utilizing AI.  AI systems process multiple medical records at once, reducing the need for extra workforce and the money they cost. It also helps healthcare professionals make better, well-informed decisions more accurately than before, making it possible for them to give more accurate treatment with reduced risk and the best patient results.


AI has moved the healthcare industry in multiple ways, enhancing the treatment of patients and workflow of professionals.

It is a given that AI will play an even more important role in the medical field as we continue moving toward the future. Healthcare practitioners will continue to integrate modern technologies to make things work better than they already do.

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