Testing Total Maintenance System

How well does your application behave to numerous or Large number of user requests? Will it give up due to increasing load? Can it handle enhancements? Have you ever realized that your application lacks usability?

This is where Indium’s Software Testing Services comes into play. Our Quality Management Suite is a comprehensive solution that provides rich insight into application’s performance, functionality and its overall architecture. Let’s look at a case study that demonstrates our delivery capabilities…

Business Challenge:

Our client, a leader in providing comprehensive maintenance management software (MMS) solutions to the healthcare industry, revamped their current MMS application to reflect current design and technological updates, so as to improve usability and performance of the entire system.

As the application will be deployed across several hospitals, the system should not fail at any point.

As a result, the product required end to end functionality and performance testing.
We had to ensure that there are NO code breaks and NO new regression bugs in application on new builds.

Also there was a need to identify an appropriate functional automation tool that supports WCF and XBAP technologies.


The objective of this project is to perform manual and automation regression for the maintenance management system.

We have adopted realistic and innovative approach for test automation and performance testing.

After understanding the application’s functionality, the business level scenarios were developed and the gaps in client’s existing test process were studied thoroughly. Performance test were also carried out for every product release.

Solution & Value Adds:

We supported 2 major releases each with 14 and 20 builds respectively. A total of 2118 test cases were executed per build.

126 automated scripts were developed and 148 existing scripts were maintained throughout the engagement.

We adopted an innovative method of utilizing the functional automation scripts for performance testing in distributed threads considering none of the performance testing tools thoroughly supported their application due to XBAP architecture.

Our strategy blend resulted in enhanced customer experience and provided suggestions to streamline their existing QA process. We also adopted an exploratory testing approach to uncover defects. Indium was proactive in identifying and reporting issues.

Performance testing team helped the client identify critical system bottlenecks prior to production and tuned the database parameters for optimization.

Indium started its services with manual testing and became their trusted software testing consulting services to offer other services such as Test Automation, Performance, Compatibility Testing, Usability and Mobile App testing (iOS).