5 ways how Test Automation can help organizations in retail Digital Transformation

Everyone from big box stores to small family owned business are getting accustomed to Digital space.

Today’s digital world demands swift and relentless product launches without compromising on time, user experience and features.

Businesses want their site to be up and live 24/7. Agile Test Automation Services has become more of a necessity in agile environment rather than a choice for most retail apps.

The emerging trends in test automation such as AI/ML, Auto Coding and cloud based ramp up/down scalability would eventually reduce test cycle time, improve accuracy and reduce resource overheads.

The following are the key factors that influence retailers to go for automation.

In this age of agile and DevOps, companies are largely adopting to AI in Test Automation.

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Test Automation

In the digital world, retail applications are updated and released with better speed and swiftness.

In most cases, within days/weeks. AI can be massively helpful in the testing industry as it enhances the quality of the product and help in reduction of test cycle time thus delivering the product on time.

AI in Test Automation

AI helps in the creation of test cases, the test scripts and pseudocode can be automatically generated using AI.

They are low on maintenance and their algorithms study test assets and provide smart insights like application stability, defect hotspots, failure patterns and failure predictions.

Mobile testing

According to Statista, by 2019 there will be 5.07 billion mobile users worldwide. As the number of mobile devices and operating systems are growing, businesses want their apps to be of high quality and faster time to market.

Although we have numerous online tools to test the application virtually on multiple devices, the results are not accurate.

To get the best results, testing has to be done on real devices. The challenges most companies face is to procure new devices, update and manage the device inventory.

With the help of an independent vendor and a comprehensive test automation framework  testing can be done across real devices.

A right fit automation framework is required alongside automation tool for concurrent execution of test scripts across real devices.

Seamless Omni-channel Deployment

Omni-channel expectations are growing across retail as it helps achieve greater brand loyalty & competitive advantage.

Because customers are shopping around the clock from various internet connected devices and are expecting a seamless experience across all retail touchpoints.

Hence, testing has to be done on multiple devices with various operating systems and bandwidth simulations.

Test Automation plays a vital role here as it can manage large test volumes across interconnected systems at increased speeds.

Security Testing

Security is probably the biggest concern in this digital era.

The introduction of internet has made systems highly vulnerable to security threats with tons of transactions happening every day.

Businesses are showing concerns about protecting the data. Big companies like Apple and Google are even ready to pay rewards for those who point out vulnerabilities on their websites.

Test automation has the edge over manual when it comes to security testing. Test automation avoids human errors which will be critical when it comes to protecting the system.

Another benefit is that test automation can scan large applications for vulnerabilities.

Thus, saving a lot of time, resource and money for the organization. Since the majority of the organizations are inclining towards continuous integration methodologies, security has to be fast and effective.

Test Automation turns out to be the solution for organizations looking to detect vulnerabilities quickly

According to a recent study, a well-designed user interface can increase the conversion rate by 200%.

Therefore user experience is one of the most critical factors for all online retailers, in fact, it is the biggest differentiator when it comes to seamless shopping experience.

With the growing list of devices, operating system and browsers it is essential for the retailers to make certain there is reliable user and brand experience.

Usability Testing

Thus it is necessary to make sure every version of the software is compatible across devices, operating systems and browsers.

A comprehensive test automation framework is necessary for these situations to make sure that the user experience and functionality works across all these variations.

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Manually testing for usability and compatibility issues in these situations could be time-consuming.


The digital retail industry has become too complex and diverse. To ensure optimum performance and quality, test automation is a must.

To meet the demands of a digitally driven retail environment, test automation is not just essential, but in fact mandatory.

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Indium has its own IP-led test automation frameworks which can be customizable, portable and re-usable.