Learning Management System Compliance

  A very common scenario that learning management system (LMS) sellers go through is, “A potential client reaches at their exhibition booth and enquires, “Is your LMS complies with regulatory standards?” Indium Software


An Intern’s Introspection

I started interning at Indium exactly five weeks ago, and I already have memories here that I will hold very dear to me. Interning with the HR department has been wonderful and since this is my first foray…


Test Drive @ Agile Highway

“Agile Development” is an umbrella term for several iterative and incremental software development methodologies. One of the great things about agile is that, it’s an approach that travels alongside our mind, rather than a set of uncompromisingly rigid…


Indium Software: Excelling at Testing !

” Visit Our Clutch Profile “ It may seem unusual to hear someone say they love testing, but at Indium Software it’s true – and we’re really good at it! Since 1999, we’ve been providing independent software testing services…

Mind Map – A plausible approach to develop test ideas into test cases

Readers usually use three approaches i.e. top-down test approach, right-to-left test approach and left to right test approach. However, while reading, the eye movement scans the whole content in a non-linear fashion. Likewise, a graphical approach to present the…

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Small Enough to Care, Large Enough to Deliver

When our Global Head of Marketing wanted me to pen a blog, I was mulling over multiple topics. I wanted to give the readers of iBlog – customers, prospective customers, employees, investors and several key stakeholders – my…