To Deliver Business Values, First “Understand”

5 Minute Read Note of Thanks: Thanks to all who reads my blog. I am writing on “Requirement Analysis” based on the request I received from one of our associate. Hope this helps to understand the “Requirement Analysis” activities in detail….


Well begun is half done – The need for a well-planned test design

8 Minute Read Introduction: Think not as a software professional – What comes to your mind as soon as you hear the word – Design? If your answer is Fashion, the key is cutting the piece of cloth right to be…


Timing and Determination

3 Minute Read I will share with you one of the best strategies we have followed in my current project. I am working on a CRM domain project and the scenario is that we need to validate 3600 test cases in…


3 Minute Read Are you sure about the Quality of the Product produced..? To confess that your output is Right, You should be very confident on your Measuring System which produces the Result/Output. So Gage Your Measuring System First. !!! What…


eCommerce Web App Testing – A Success Story

2 Minute Read Indium successfully completes a software testing engagement for all the on-line properties at one of the world’s leading auction companies. Indium Software has been in the forefront of testing services for the last 13 years across a wide-range…


Do we have Risk IQ??

3 Minute Read Risk IQ? – Risk Identification & Qualification As all know very crucial part of project is to effectively manage and mitigate the risks which are associated with Cost, Schedule and Product quality This blog helps you to understand…