Major Software Issues Faced

Did you know that inadequate testing results in about 5 to 10 defects being found in close to 1000 lines of coding? The number is actually quite high in terms of enterprise level software’s. If the testing is…


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality – Who is in the Game?

The global augmented reality and virtual reality market is anticipated to witness remarkable CAGR of $150 Billion during 2017 – 2025 Indium Software

Scope of Testing Microservices

Testing Microservices A microservices design comprises of concentrated little administrations that together make an entire application or assignment. Each case of a microservices speaks to a solitary duty inside your application. The genuine favourable position is that these…

Outsourced QA vendor

Expectations from an Outsourced QA Service Vendor

Competent QA engineers with hands on experience, standard processes, unique QA methodology & best practices and cost are some of the significant parameters to consider, when looking for the most suitable Outsourced QA vendor. Outsourced Software QA 2017…


Learning Management System Compliance

  A very common scenario that learning management system (LMS) sellers go through is, “A potential client reaches at their exhibition booth and enquires, “Is your LMS complies with regulatory standards?” Indium Software


An Intern’s Introspection

I started interning at Indium exactly five weeks ago, and I already have memories here that I will hold very dear to me. Interning with the HR department has been wonderful and since this is my first foray…


Game Testing; Not as Easy as It Sounds!

The Gaming!! industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it is growing sturdily. The game’s success largely depends on the quality and performance of the game. This is where game testing comes into picture. High Quality testing is…


Cloud Testing to Mitigate Risk

Tech leaders are continuously adopting cloud IT strategies to leverage the profitable advantages that include speed, agility, scalability, accessibility, flexibility and innovation. Implementation of cloud computing is more and more being considered by organizations as the most suitable…


Quality Assurance: A Way of Life

  “Hope for the best, plan for the worst” I do not know of another quote which applies in a better manner to the Software testing industry. As part of the Quality Assurance teams spread across the world,…


Indium Software: Excelling at Testing !

” Visit Our Clutch Profile “ It may seem unusual to hear someone say they love testing, but at Indium Software it’s true – and we’re really good at it! Since 1999, we’ve been providing independent software testing services…