Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

What is VAPT and Why would your Organization need it?

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a testing process to find security bugs within a software program or a computer network. VAPT is often misunderstood as two different types of testing techniques. Conversely, these two should be…

Testing for IoT Success

Testing for IoT Success

IoT – Internet of Things – is slowly, surely and intricately connecting gadgets to our lives. Be it vehicles, home appliances, medicinal equipment or embedded electronics, microchips have enabled collecting data and controlling devices remotely over a network….

Mobile Game Performance Testing

Mobile Game Testing – Performance Testing Evaluation

This article is the continuation of our previous topic in Mobile Game Testing. In this article, we are going to discuss the State of Mobile Gaming with the key aspects of mobile game performance evaluation. Indium Software

IoT testing Services

IoT Testing Complexities

A comprehensive QA strategy is essential to cover the dimensions of IoT testing. The strategy should include the types of testing, test lab setup, testing tools and simulators/emulators that are to be deployed. Considering the practical hiccups in…

IoT – Quiz

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Testing Internet of Things – QA Unleashed

Internet of Things (IoT) Testing Market Worth 1,378.5 Million USD by 2021 Indium Software


WannaCry – Taking Ransomware Protection to Next Level

What is WannaCry? A worldwide cyber-attack has been happening since Friday, affecting more than 200,000+ organizations in 150+ countries. The WANNACRY RANSOMWARE ATTACK has rapidly become the nastiest digital disaster to strike the internet, crippling transportation and hospitals…