The role of analytics in software testing

The Role of Analytics in Software Testing

8 Minute Read The field of software testing is always evolving, and new innovations are on the rise. Using the right AI tools can indeed make this more comprehensive and powerful.

What is GDPR Things your organization should know to stay compliant

What is GDPR? Things your organization should know to stay compliant

11 Minute Read GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation contributes to being a European Union law that will have a huge impact on any organization, processing the data of the EU citizens, even in case the company is not situated…

Indium Softwares Excellence Commended

Indium Software’s Excellence Commended

3 Minute Read The time has come for Indium Software to be acknowledged for all the effort our team has been putting into our work over a span of nearly two decades.


Leverage Analytics to Win the IOT Game

6 Minute Read “This article gives an overarching understanding and some strategies to make a foray in the propitious IoT and enabled analytics & consulting services industry. It is the first instalment of the series of blogs we would be publishing…

Leveraging your GPS data using Geospatial analytics

8 Minute Read The advent of sharing economy has brought a sea change in the way urban populace commute locally. The Ubers, Lyfts and many other local players have made taxi riding convenient, affordable and safe. These rides have emerged as…

Why is there a huge buzz today around Analytics though the field has been there for decades?

4 Minute Read Price discrimination and downward demand spiral are widely used analytical concepts/practices in the Airlines and Hospitality industries respectively, long before the term Big Data Analytics was even coined. Incidentally, these concepts have been taught in global elite b-schools for decades. So,…