Striim-Powered Real-Time Data Integration of Core Banking System with Azure Synapse Analytics

Cloud-based technologies such as Azure Synapse data warehouse, formerly MS SQL, enable banks to leverage their analytical capabilities to get insights that can help with operational decision making on a continuous basis.

It allows querying data as per the bank’s requirements and brings together enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics. Based on these insights, banks can devise strategies for improved efficiencies in operations and development of products for better customer service.

Striim for CDC

A platform such as Striim enables the transfer of data from heterogeneous, on-premise data warehouses, databases, and AWS into Azure Synapse Analytics with in-flight transformations and built-in delivery validation. This helps with operational decision making on a continuous basis.

For the exercise to be really fruitful in today’s world of instant response, it is necessary for the data being transferred to be as current and close to the source database on the core banking system. A platform like Striim enables this data integration from the source table to the target using Change Data Capture (CDC).

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CDC allows for data from on-prem sources, regardless of whether it is an RDBMS, No-SQL, or any other type, to a Synapse table or ADLS Gen-2 (Azure Data Lake Store Generation – 2) to be created and updated in near real-time. It doesn’t hit the source database directly.

Instead, it captures all the transactions, be it an update, insert, or delete, from the source database on-prem on a daily basis from the log and gets it generated and duplicated on the target database

This way, the performance of the source database is not affected while there is access to data on the cloud in near real-time for analysis and response.

Advantage Striim

One of the factors that make Striim the most desired CDC tool is its price point while being feature-rich. An evolving tool, it also allows for features such as UDF (User Defined Function) that can be plugged in on the fly. It allows for data manipulation and querying based on the unique needs of the bank. The icing on the cake is the reporting feature with live dashboards and a diverse set of metrics for effective data monitoring.

Its built-in monitoring and validation features include:

  • Ensure consistency through continuous verification of the source and target databases
  • Enable streaming data pipelines with interactive, live dashboards
  • Trigger real-time alerts via web, text, email

By powering the data integration of the on-prem database of the core banking system with Azure Synapse using Striim, banks can ensure continuous movement of data from diverse sources with sub-second latency.

It is a non-intrusive way of collecting data in real-time from production systems without impacting their performance. It also allows for denormalization and other transformations on data-in-motion.

The data warehouses Striim supports include:

  • Oracle Exadata
  • Teradata
  • Amazon Redshift


  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • HPE NonStop
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Amazon RDS for Oracle
  • Amazon RDS for MySQL

Striim can integrate data in real-time data from logs, sensors, Hadoop, and message queues to real-time analytics.

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Indium – A Striim Enabler

Indium Software is a two-decade-old next-generation digital and data solutions provider working with cutting edge technologies to help banks and traditional industries leverage them for improving their business process, prospects, and efficiencies.

We can help identify the tables in the core banking system that need to be replicated on the target Synapse and set up the Striim platform for smooth integration. Leaders in implementing Striim, we have successfully lead several such integrations across sectors. Our team has cross-domain experience and technology expertise which helps us become partners in the truest sense.

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