Top QA/Software Testing & Game Testing Conferences to Attend in 2018

It the almost end of 2017 and it’s time to plan your calendar for the upcoming software testing conferences.

These conferences not only provide you a chance to meet the leaders of the industry but also a medium to keep yourself updated to the new software testing trends and technologies.

Benefits of attending Software Testing Conferences

  • Firstly, it is a great platform to get recognized
  • A chance to meet and interact with Industry leaders
  • Conferences helps in achieving professional goals
  • Helps you stay updated about latest tools and technology in the industry
  • Gives an opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow professionals.
  • Improve your software testing skills and techniques

There are plenty of testing conferences happening every year. To make your job easy, we have handpicked the best conferences in software testing and gaming.

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Below is the list of some of the top Software Testing and Game Testing Conferences.

Software Testing Forum

    STeP – IN Summit is one of Asia Pacific’s largest forum exclusively for Software Testing. Step-IN focuses on testing conferences, seminars, and panel discussions.
  2. STPCon
    This is one of testing industries leading events. They make sure to cover the hottest topics like agile testing, test automation, performance testing, and mobile application testing.
    STARWEST, STAREAST and STARCANADA are some of the high profile conferences produced by Techwell. These are some of the most premier conferences for QA professionals.
  4. EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference
    EuroSTAR is a premier conference and the largest gathering of European software testing professionals annually. It is the longest running conference and is held over a period of 4 days which includes tutorials, workshops and talks by industry veterans. Different European cities get a chance to host this event every year.
  5. SeleniumConf
    SeleniumConf focuses mainly focus on Selenium automation tool. Apart from talks and tutorials, this two day event also provides Scholarship Scheme for the attendees those who can’t afford it.
  6. UKSTAR 2018
    UKSTAR is an international testing conference that happens annually in the UK. Though this is a software testing event, it also focuses on problems faced by developers.
  7. ASTQB Summit
    ASTQB Summit focuses largely on the budget involved in testing. This conference teaches you the techniques and shortcuts to minimize the cost involved in testing.
  8. SoCraTes
    SoCraTes is an international testing conference which is on its 8th year mainly focuses on the people involved in testing. This event is for everyone who is concerned about the craft of software.
  9. Agile 2017: Agile testing conference
    Agile Testing Conference is a dedicated North American conference to promote Agile principles and provide a setup for people to share their ideas. This is where the Agile tribes meet!

Game QA Conferences

Some of the top game testing conferences are listed below

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  1. Game Quality Forum: The Game Quality Forum is a popular conference that happens in North America. Game Quality Forum is where you can find World’s top producers, QA personals, publishers and senior game developers together. This is one of the high profile event as they keep raising the bar every year.
  2. Game QA and Localisation: The Game QA & Localisation Forums, is Dedicated to QA, Localization and Their Place in Wider Development in the Games Industry
  3. E3: The Electronic Entertainment Expo in short E3 is the largest and the most popular show in the video games industry, This event occurs annually in Los Angeles, USA.
  4. PAX West: PAX conducts a series of gaming conferences in the US. PAX West usually happens during the mid-year and is formerly known as PAX Prime.
  5. PAX East: It is for the east coast. This Penny Arcade event happens during the first quarter of the year.
  6. GDC: GDC is the conference where developers get together to share their ideas on the latest technology. The conference is held at San Jose annually.
  7. BlizzCon: This annual event is to discuss about the games developed by Blizzard Entertainment.
  8. Tokyo Game Show: Tokyo Game Show happens every fall in Tokyo, Japan. This show brings the top video game enthusiasts from Japan and around the world together.
  9. MineCon: MineCon is the Convention for Minecraft game.
  10. HaloFest: HaloFest celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Halo franchise.