Software and their creators – A story of Batman and Superman

A story of Batman and Superman
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They say, you can’t taste ‘it’, smell ‘it’ or see ‘it’. But it’s there. ‘It’ exists in almost everything. You  can do amazing things with it. You actually are and it’s today’s reality. As new technological advances propel us forward, it’s easy to take for granted the growing role ‘it’ is playing for all of us. I know, I know – you must be curious to know what is ‘it’ and I also believe that some of you have already guessed about ‘it’. Right? But let me tell you – we call it Software. Precisely, software is dramatically changing our lives and society. It is at the very heart of innovation all around us, sometimes we don’t even realize. That being said, software is revolutionizing the way we live our lives. It is making our lives simpler, forever.

But, who are the real heroes behind making the experience of improving the lives around us? Nonetheless, it’s human. Technically, we call them ‘Developers’ & ‘Software Testers’ – Batman and Superman of the software world. They are the one who is helping billions of people, including themselves, around them to live a better life, a healthier life. They are the ones who are empowering themselves and the lives around them to dream for a better life and act on it. They are the foundation for legitimizing the technological change. Change, for making the world a better and simpler place to live.

As the web brings us closer together and allows people to work more internationally and remotely, almost every organization is becoming more integrated and more global. This implies directly to the fact that teams (let’s say developers & testers) are dispersed globally as well – which means different culture, different time zones, technological tools to manage the difference and definitely the complex nature of the applications. These discrepancies, don’t only disturb the organization’s goal to achieve their vision and mission, but also create a situation for outside help, and the major reason -“behind the scenes”- is the gap. The Communication Gap. That’s true and it’s a matter of open discussion around the world and within every organization. If the teams are working remotely, additional communication responsibilities are required and that is where our heroes -Batman and Superman of the software world- are lagging.

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Another thing to mention: Finger-pointing between the testing team and the development team is the most common blame game played.

  • The software testing team says, “Our quality around here is bad because the developers give us working builds way too late in the cycle.”
  • The development team replies, “We have quality issues because the testers aren’t doing their jobs.”

A typical team structure has the two teams separated by time and space. They are working on different phases of development and in different buildings or countries or continent. But, one way to reduce this blame game is by giving the team the shared sense of purpose. If the team — both developers and testers – is working towards a common, shared goal, they will move past blame faster because they are more likely to view each other as part of the same group. Basically, what I am trying to convey is if the communication between the team is strong every challenge can be conquered. After all, it’s human, not technology, which ruins the software quality.

Maybe I’m knocking on an open door here. Have you already torn down the wall between developers and testers in your team? Are they all joking together about sales and marketing? Share your insights or objections with us – I would love to hear your views!


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