Small Enough to Care, Large Enough to Deliver

When our Global Head of Marketing wanted me to pen a blog, I was mulling over multiple topics.

I wanted to give the readers of iBlog – customers, prospective customers, employees, investors and several key stakeholders – my perspective of Indium’s positioning in the overall global market.

I looked through our corporate deck, reminisced about conversations I’ve had with our customers and started thinking, deeply, about what makes Indium tick?

While, what I am about to say has been a part of our corporate positioning for over a decade, I certainly thought penning it down and formalizing it would make a difference.

The Need for High Quality Software

Before I begin, let me start with the obvious. Technology and software have certainly become an integral part of every sector, and every process, in this world.

And, therefore, the demand for high quality software, which has gone through a robust testing process, has never been greater.

Over the course of the Indium journey, I have seen the software testing industry go from a pure application level software testing to the more complex system level testing it is today. Test Automation, Load Testing, Functional Testing, Unit Testing have all been around for a while. So what has changed since then? Today, we have applications being delivered over the Cloud and Mobile, and we’re also seeing multi-tier architectures being developed using Agile methodologies. This has necessitated a change in the processes, tools and expertise required to ensure high quality software.

Automation is now the most talked about topic in the IT industry, but, I’d say, this is also nothing new.

We have had several tool vendors such as HP, IBM, Microfocus and other open source tools such as Selenium & JMeter for over 15 years now.

What has changed is enterprises and technology vendors are rapidly releasing software, and therefore test cycle time has significantly shrunk wherein merely throwing extra hands at the problem won’t suffice with omni-channel technologies to be tested. 

From our perspective, we are seeing test automation gain increasing significance over the last 3 to 4 years.

Research conducted by IDC forecasts that the market for discreet worldwide testing services is expected to touch US $39 billion by 2019, with a CAGR of about 12.5 percent. 

More importantly, the IDC report also emphasises on the importance of picking reliable testing vendors, to ensure high quality of software.

Of course, I am using these data points from IDC, to reiterate what we at Indium already have a pulse of from various customers.

Over the last couple years, I’ve had numerous interactions with some of the world’s leading brands and the emphasis on software testing has become a key focus area.

I believe the core of our approach to servicing our global clients can be explained with this simple line: “We’re small enough to care, large enough to deliver.”

Let me also add here – this statement is not simply a tagline. It is what we believe in, very deeply, at Indium.

For us, client satisfaction is the primary metric of success and everything we do is geared towards this key metric.

But, what is important to note here is that, over the last 17 years, we’ve steadily grown to become a significant player in the software testing market.

Our team has grown to 450+, led by an experienced management team with strong understanding of software testing, coupled with global sales presence.

Most importantly, we’ve successfully executed several top-notch, long-term projects across industries including banking & financial services, technology, gaming, media, education, healthcare, life sciences and retail.

We are servicing customers ranging from large enterprises to start-ups and our ability to be nimble enough to deliver value to this spectrum of customers is why customers continue to engage with Indium.

Irrespective of the size of the customer or the project, we always have only an A-team handling the customer. This is what gives credence to our motto ‘we’re small enough to care, large enough to deliver.’

In line with this philosophy, let me use this space to explain Our Four Key Pillars that allow us to deliver with top-notch quality.

Pillar #1: Our IP Test Automation frameworks

Indium’s ‘iAccelerate’ suite of IP-led testing frameworks and tools include iSAFE, iFACT, iMobi, iAVA and iScoute.

These proprietary test accelerators integrate seamlessly with all testing tools and support all scripting languages.

Our frameworks are highly customizable and portable.

More importantly, it helps our clients reap the benefits of test automation from an ROI standpoint.

All our frameworks are capable of enhancing test coverage, running target-based parallel execution and efficiently analysing the root-cause. The frameworks also enhance the bug reporting processes, effectively reducing overall time to market.

Over the next few years, we’ll have several areas, where we’ll develop deep expertise and build scale.

Pillar #2: Market Leadership in Niche Areas

One key trait, we believe, is our ability to specialize in niche areas and build expertise.

To substantiate my statement, we’re among the Top 4 global players in Game Testing Services. Our game testing lab in Bangalore is well-equipped with over 250 devices and an army of experienced game testers.

It is complete with systems, processes and high-quality program management to serve the largest gaming companies in the world.

Moreover, our comprehensive QA solution for eCommerce business garners significant interest globally.

We are excited with the software testing capabilities that we have built on Supply Chain Management (SCM), Point of Sale (PoS) and Promotion Systems.

Lastly, our testing solution around Cloud, Mobility and Big Data technologies is a critical aspect of our growth strategy.

We believe that we are well positioned with our ‘IP led QA solutions’ to create a strong value chain for our customers in this space.

Needless to say, we’re constantly investing to scale these practices further.

Pillar #3: Testing is What We Love & What We Do

Another one of our key differentiators is our laser-like focus on testing and nothing else.

We strive to deliver excellence, bring in the best practices to ensure our customer’s software quality initiatives are completely met and overall, build a strong brand in the software testing industry.

Over the past 17 years, we’ve successfully served over 250 clients, with utmost satisfaction.

Pillar #4: Stability & Capability

Stability is one of the key factors that has enabled us to build our brand image.

We established a robust organic growth strategy.  Our team has grown to 450+, led by an experienced management team with a strong software testing background coupled with global sales presence.

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Our multiple delivery centres enable us to work closely with our customers across the world, on terms suitable to them, thus enhancing the comfort of working with us.

Also, from a capability perspective, we’ve a unique consultative and solution based approach to serving our customers with

  • A strong program management model
  • Best-in-class Quality Management Processes & tailored solutions
  • Dedicated CoE to deliver managed services round the clock