Progression of Gaming Industry – Past, Present and Future

When I was a kid, all I know about video games is a Handheld Brick  Game Retro Classic and I swear it was big deal to get one for myself.

That same year (1991) in the US, it was a  humongous fight of domination of who is going to have supremacy in the Gaming industry. 

Nintendo Entertainment System released the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES 16-bit) and it had huge competition from Sega enterprises limited which released Sega genesis, which had 32 bit graphics and an inbuilt modem .

Nintendo wins the opposition edging out Sega and credence to the very popular jargoned in-house titles like Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong.

playstation-games-testingIn 1994, Blizzard Entertainment released a real time strategy games (RTS) 

War craft: Orcs & Humans. This game became so popular multi-player online games (MMO) at that time as it had a detailed mission craft series. 

1995 was the year of “Saturn “and “PlayStation”. While PlayStation matched comparably to Saturn feature by feature, the pricing of Saturn was exorbitant.

PlayStation sold more than Saturn not just because of pricing, but also it had disc based games. The most famous titled game was Resident Evil.

Early 2000 was the start of PlayStation 2 domination by Sony Interactive entertainment- Its stunning graphics sent shockwaves along the gaming industry globally.  It had 128- bits and better graphics than a computer and DVD technology. 

GT or the “Grand Theft Auto” was a massive hit in that year, not longer than Microsoft came into the race with Xbox.

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox @ Consumer Electronic Show {CES} with a keynote presentation by Bill Gates.

It had PC technology, 8 GB hard drive, an Ethernet port and it was compatible to play with DVD’s. 

The very next year Xbox introduced Xbox Live. As the name suggests, the Xbox live allowed the gamer to compete with fellow gamer across the world by leveraging WWW (online).

In 2005, Microsoft introduced the Xbox 360. It went ahead of the competition from Nintendo Wii and the PlayStation 3, largely because of Halo 3. It had both astonishing commercial success and critical acclaim as well.

In 2013 – The Xbox One, the third Xbox, finally arrives. Xbox releases Xbox One with cloud integration and ability to overlay live TV. The console also has voice integration and an improved Kinetics sensor.

ps-and-xbox-game-testingLikewise PS4 is a home video game console developed by Sony, released in 2013, its biggest competition was Microsoft’s Xbox One.

PlayStation 4 satisfied end users by not imposing digital rights management schemes that Microsoft had previously announced for Xbox One and gained positive reviews.

Gaming industry has seen a lot of enhancements gradually and most recent enhancements are Kinect Bundles and Games, Stellar Motion Control, Voice Command and Video Connect .

Developers are coming up with new games and development and eventually game testers are facing enormous challenges from various dimensions to test those games.

Testing Across Various Game Engines, Ensuring Accurate Social Integration Game’ Ability to Withstand Heavy, Game Authenticity Challenges, Concurrent Load, having skilled resources to think out of the box has become a mandate. 

Performance testing services, Security testing, User experience and Device availability are the major challenges the Testers face.

Now in 2016, we have Artificial Intelligence, 3D Gaming- Virtual gaming and Google glasses -high-tech Google Glass for its mini games and I presume it will eventually grow as always.

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The main reason for writing this blog is to realize and understand the Gaming Industry’s tremendous progression in the past three decades.

It divulges the fact that Gaming industry is progressing and game testers have to be on their toes to avoid various challenges coming from different dimensions.

l “Arise and Awake” may be the best practice here in this predominantly survival of the fittest domain.

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