How Does F1 Benefit From Advanced Analytics? (Infographic)

< 1 minute


What is non-functional testing

9 Minute Read Non-functional testing is done from a totally different perspective than functional testing.


What is Machine Learning?

21 Minute Read In layman terms, the process of automating and improving the learning process of computers based only on their experiences without any actual programming


An Overview to DevSecOps

8 Minute Read DevSecOps is the process of introducing security at the early stages of software development.


Driving Digital Transformation- Indium Software

5 Minute Read Delivering exceptional customer-centric solutions to the clients in different geographies


ADA Compliance For Websites – Here Is Everything You Need To Know

7 Minute Read If you are in the US or if your website is developed for the US audience, then you may have heard about ADA 508 compliance.


A Quick Guide to Functional Testing

9 Minute Read Testing is a vital part of developing software. It has multiple facets, including checking what a product does,


Game, Set & Match – The Analytics Revolution In Tennis

11 Minute Read When you look at the sport of tennis, it actually does come across as a game that has maximum human influence.


Data Warehousing – Traditional vs Cloud!

8 Minute Read Let’s start with what a data warehouse is – Integrated historical & current data in a central repository!


Top 10 Cross Browser Compatibility Testing Tools

9 Minute Read Compatibility testing services can be a hassle for software testers without the help of right testing tools.