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Mobile apps have become one of the main ways people chat, shop, manage their lives, play, and even work less. Marketers may communicate with consumers and prospects at any time and from any location using mobile marketing.

Through new-age Mobile applications we can do a lot with just one tap: look up stuff, make appointments, pay bills, get real-time updates, and what not? Above all this, we must appreciate the added comfort, ease, and versatility while using the applications.

In a nutshell, these apps have revolutionised our everyday lives and lifted our way of living to new heights. 

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New-age mobile applications require mobile app testing services that are quick, accurate and highly secure. Ensuring the performance, functionality, compatibility and UI/UX of mobile applications is a task that needs to be implemented continuously.

New-Age Mobile applications

How much do we know about our daily apps as users?

Surprisingly, only a small percentage of users (primarily those who work with software) are familiar with the various forms of modern Apps. Let’s take a look at what they are and how they vary from one another.

Below are the 3 types of mobile applications that are in usage, development and testing.

  1. Native Apps are mobile applications that are designed exclusively for a single mobile platform or Operating System (OS).
  2. Web Apps are mobile-versions of web applications that are sensitive versions of websites that function on every mobile device or Operating system (OS).
  3. Hybrid Apps are mobile applications that are a mix of native apps and web apps bundled within a native app, with its own icon and the ability to be downloaded from an app store.

Mobile application testing bulletins

The most popular mobile platforms in today’s world are iOS and Android. Some tech companies develop business applications for a range of mobile devices, each with its own operating system, hardware configuration, and screen size. As a result, it’s critical to test if the software can run smoothly on all devices. As a result, the testing team must incorporate cost-effective software testing solutions to ensure the consistency is not compromised.

Mobile applications in today`s digital and technological era need to be tested and made secure. The following is a list of tests/checkpoints that need to be tested to ensure smooth and safe usage.

  • Cross-platform & device compatibility: Every app must run smoothly across all major platforms and devices. All major systems that run on all commonly used mobile devices are included in this group. Using actual computers and browsers is the best way to do this. Since all users would be using real devices to run applications, they must be checked on the same.

Users are likely to use multiple mobile devices to access any app. As a result, each app should be able to run flawlessly on any platform. If an app is used on two different devices with different screen sizes, it should be designed to fit seamlessly on both displays. A wide screen does not result in pixelation of the app’s graphics, and a small screen should not result in any cut-out images. Again, applications must be reviewed on a variety of real devices to ensure that all features function on all of them.

  • Memory consumption testing: Any mobile app monitoring checklist should include a section on the app’s memory use. Although every user wishes for a greater number of useful features in every app they use, bear in mind that implementing those features consumes more memory. Push notifications, for example, almost always increase memory consumption in Android apps. Bear in mind that not everybody is using the most recent computer or one with a long battery life. Users tend to delete an app if it uses too much memory. Users will also uninstall an app if it drains their power.
  • Language & Location: The majority of apps tailor their content to the user’s current location. This is particularly true for apps that use a delivery system (Amazon is a prime example). Each software must be thoroughly checked to ensure that it uses the device’s GPS to evaluate its position and tailor its offerings accordingly. Similarly, any app that aspires to be truly global must provide services in a number of languages. In every language, testers must ensure that the software provides the same high level of user experience. Users must be able to move between languages with ease and without encountering any problems.
  • Interruptions: What happens if the app receives a notification from another app on the device? When the app is interrupted by incoming calls, how does it respond? Does it work well in low-battery, low-network-connection, weak-signal, and other less-than-ideal situations? In ideal circumstances, most apps can work admirably. The apps that stand out are those that have a decent user experience even though there are interruptions. This must be taken into account in any mobile device review checklist.
  • Security Testing: Data is the most valuable asset in the digital age. When a user instals an app, the first thing on their mind is data protection. Conduct as many checks as possible to ensure the user data is kept secure from unauthorised access. Identify potential situations that could lead to a data breach and put the software through rigorous testing to ensure it is safe. Keep in mind that a non-negotiable aspect of every mobile app QA checklist is security assurance.

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What`s our solution?

It’s difficult for businesses to own and manage mobile app testing infrastructure with high utilisation levels in today’s highly fragmented, fast-growing, and diverse mobile industry.

Partnering with a QA services company who can provide testing as a service is ideal for companies. Such a partner will ideally have the necessary expertise and experience, as well as the necessary infrastructure, to provide a dependable testing service.

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We as a QA service partner provide the following to our customers:

  • Developing a thorough testing plan (device performance, functional testing, cross-platform compatibility etc).
  • Automation capabilities to ensure the highest possible output in the shortest period of time.
  • Testing solutions and tools that are of high industry standards.
  • Evaluation of onboarded tools in business environment.
  • Scalable Infrastructure for your testing needs.
  • Experts in mobility testing
  • Company procedures and usage cases that are ready to be customised.
  • Services that are available on request.
  • Validation of complete versatility

Author: Vaibhavi Tamizhkumaran
Vaibhavi is a Digital Marketing Executive at Indium Software, India with an MBA in Marketing and Human Resources. She is passionate about writing blogs on the latest trends in software technology. Her passion further encompasses writing blogs on fashion, religious views, and food. Singing, dancing & mandala artwork are her stress busters. Sticking to the point and being realistic is her mantra!