Mobile App Development Clubbed With Business Intelligence

Back when mobile app development was in its early stages, no one imagined it would grow so large as to involve other massive and powerful technologies (such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence). Many businesses today recognize the importance of providing actionable information to their business partners, suppliers, workforce, and executives at all times. To that end, businesses are working tirelessly to implement mobile BI (business intelligence) to provide users with comprehensive solutions.

Almost every app developer and mobile app development company is looking to develop a strategic solution for deploying their business data on mobile devices . The objective is to fully leverage the power of mobile action and visualisation. With mobile BI on the verge of prevalent adoption, many top app development companies are already planning to launch their business data on mobile devices. This will allow for more convenient and easy access to critical data.

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Consider a mobile app that learns about its users, their behaviour patterns, likes/dislikes, preferences, and choices, and then adapts to them. For example, a news app may automatically turn off notifications and activate the vibrate mode when the user is working on his laptop. Or a sports app that shares a live cricket score (rather than a football score) when the user enters his house.

Consider this scenario: a user enters a shopping complex and visits the showroom of her favourite shoe brand. She then receives a notification on her phone about a 50 percent discount that is only available to her. This is no longer a pipe dream, but a reality made possible by business intelligence in mobile apps.

Mobile business intelligence solutions is a strategy that businesses can use to provide employees with data analysis and business intelligence tools via their smartphones. However, this does not imply a static data push, where a number of sales or informative alerts are automatically pushed to your mobile device. In reality, it refers to a robust mobile business intelligence strategy that allows your workforce to manage, filter, sort, and visualise critical business data in real time. This gives you an overall advantage over your competitors. Let us look at how:

  • 1. Improved Interactivity: Mobile business intelligence entails more than simply providing access to data from any location. It does, however, have something to do with data manipulation and visualisation. You must allow your employees to work remotely regardless of their time constraints. For example, if a random new idea to improve your company’s marketing strategy pops into your head at any point, you can simply use your mobile BI app such as ‘Board’ and feed important data into it to use it in the future.
  • 2. Powerful analytics: Business intelligence provides numerous advantages and opportunities. It streamlines data analysis and interpretation, as well as transforming the same data into well-structured information. BI can entail a number of time-consuming processes, such as prescriptive analysis, statistical analysis, risk analysis, business process modelling, data mining, process mining, and many others. So, BI mobile app development is becoming too common in the digital business world. It is also increasing the demand for mobile app developers and mobile app development company.

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Advantages of BI for developing mobile applications

#1 Intelligent Data Collection

Business owners can customise and streamline information collection with business intelligence in mobile apps based on their specific business needs. Business Analytics is a great example of business intelligence that can be tailored to your specific needs.

#2 Increased Productivity

BI can be a great productivity and efficiency boost for both users and creators of mobile applications. With business intelligence, the application can better understand the user and adapt its functionality and processes to meet that user’s specific demands and needs. Similarly, management can provide better services, offers/discounts, and offerings in less time and at a price that meets the expectations of the users.

#3 Making Sound Decisions

Teams can make educated judgments, frequently in real time, using curated and processed data. For example, if you know that the majority of app users are looking for a specific brand of clothing right now, you can use that information to immediately stock up on that brand’s goods for quick and timely deliveries.

#4 Competitive Advantage

Mobile and digital businesses with the right information at the right time can have a distinct competitive advantage because supported by BI they become aware of their shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses.

#5 Excellent Customer Satisfaction

This advantage is now unparalleled and unprecedented: Customer satisfaction is the foundation of all great businesses, and with business intelligence, you can ensure stunning customer satisfaction on a consistent basis. Users are more satisfied and loyal to the platform when the creator of the mobile application makes better decisions. Users’ queries and questions can be responded to in a timely, even automated manner, ensuring outstanding customer satisfaction.

#6 Increased Revenue

Smart decision making, intelligent data collection, and improved customer satisfaction all lead to increased revenue and profit. Customers will be willing to spend more money and time on the application, management will have less waste, resources can be managed optimally, and revenues will skyrocket, directly impacting the bottom line.

To sum up

Today’s business landscape has become app-dependent, as most business processes require to be supported with apps for smooth execution. Business Intelligence (BI) has already been one of the important components for businesses and with increasing mobile app adoption, is witnessing evolution. Thus, for a successful enterprise mobile apps and business intelligence (BI) are inseparable from each other. To exploit the combined power of these technologies, all you need is a guidance and services of a professional mobile app development company.


Author: Vaibhavi Tamizhkumaran
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