Taking advantage of Mendix’s Rapid Application Development Capabilities with MS Azure

Developers on Azure AD and Microsoft Apps today have a need to meet the ever changing needs of customers while leaping ahead of competition through innovation, timely delivery of new features and products while keeping costs low. There is a clear need for Rapid Application Development.

According to a study by MarketsAndMarket, the market size for rapid application development is expected to grow from USD 7.8 billion in 2018 to USD 46.2 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 42.9% during this period. Mendix integrated with Microsoft is designed for this opportunity.

Enterprises need solutions that can integrate legacy systems with modern Azure environments to develop innovative mobile, web and IoT applications. In other words, there is a crucial need for a complete cloud stack that is built for agility, speed, scale and insight.

Mendix is a low code, rapid application development platform that allows developers to quickly and continuously transform their ideas into valuable business propositions. The app platform augments Microsoft developer tools like C# and Visual Studio, to facilitate collaboration between different teams seamlessly over the application lifecycle by iterative cycles,  working in short.

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Integrating Azure AD with Mendix enables instant provisioning, auto-scaling and deployment. Applications can be made intelligent and contextually aware as developers get access to a wider portfolio of algorithms and component services.

Visual Mapping

Since collaboration could be with internal or external teams, Mendix allows visual mappings for defining how to convert external data to internal data. This makes it easy to collaborate even with non-developers or low-code development teams.

Automatic generation of documentation and contracts is another feature that makes Mendix integration for Azure AD and Microsoft Office Apps intuitive. Every time REST API is implemented, an OpenAPI document describing the resources and methods provided by the API is automatically included. This increases the ease of use of the API for the customer.

Authentication & Authorization

By integrating Azure AD with Mendix, the workflow is simplified as developers do not need a special authorization module to support resetting and changing passwords. It also allows the creation of multiple applications using the same sign-on mechanism.

The default implementation for user administration in Mendix SSO is yet another advantage for teams requiring customized user administration.

Extending Legacy Systems

When working with legacy systems, integrating with Mendix helps in the faster development of modern UIs and mobile apps. As the Mendix platform provides comprehenshive support for mapping Mendix entities to  complex XML messages, the web-service support allows the use of SOAP-based web services when working with legacy systems.

The Database Connector provided by Mendix runs SQL queries on existing databases directly which is another advantage when you integrate it with your Azure AD and Microsoft Office Apps. And one of the common practises is to build applications right on top of legacy databases. The Connector Kit for custom protocols provides easy access from Mendix applications.

REST is also used to expose third party services used by Azure for text to image recognition, address validation and entire business process automation services.

Expose a REST API

Since in a cloud-based world, businesses are increasingly becoming a part of digital ecosystems, REST is used extensively to implement APIs that expose data, algorithms, transactions and business processes.

Build Complex Solutions

DevOps teams achieve agility and speed by breaking down customer solutions into small components. But as sharing logic and data between multiple applications can prove to be a Herculean task, integrating with Mendix can be used effectively to generate the necessary APIs based on customer domain model entities and microflows.

The use of a message bus or iPaaS for decoupling the components for microservices can improve scalability and uptime. Mendix enables this very well.

It also can easily define visually the way to transform message formats from one application to another. Successful integration of Mendix with Azure AD and Microsoft Office Apps also requires control, agility and collaboration. Mendix has the following tools that facilitate this:

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  • Web services – An out of the box support for publishing and consuming SOAP-based web services
  • Rest services – REST publish and consume for Microflows and entities.
  • oData – Publishing entities for use in BI and data analytics tools based on the OData standard.
  • Connector Kit – Integration through custom Java logic.
  • Connectors – Custom integrations using the Connector Kit available through the App Store.

Indium Software’s expertise in both Mendix and Microsoft Azure can help immensely

Indium Software, with decades of experience in cutting edge software technologies and solutions, is a Mendix partner that can help you integrate it with Azure AD and Microsoft Office Apps. We have a qualified and experienced team that understands Mendix as well as Azure. If you would like to make your development process more seamless and efficient, give us a call.

Recently, we’ve helped a global, diversified conglomerate in the energy and industrial space with a range of digital transformation solutions using Mendix’s rapid application development platform, on the Microsoft Azure platform.

The Mendix platform is designed to serve customers in the following industries:

  1. Automotive & The Future of Mobility
  2. Aerospace & Defence
  3. Financial Services
  4. Education
  5. Insurance
  6. Energy & Utilities

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For each of these industries, there are a range of custom digital transformation solutions that can be developed rapidly, by using the Mendix platform integrated with Microsoft Apps. If you’d like to speak to an expert, give us a shout.

Source: https://www.mendix.com/blog/flexible-integration-options-to-support-next-generation-low-code-applications/