Mendix and How It Can Help You Create Your Next App

Developing an application (app) today has become easier than ever with the discovery of Mendix. You can build even the most complex apps without hiring multiple developers, waiting for months or days, and spending significant amounts of money. This is all thanks to the invention of technology.

You can relate how essential apps are in today’s lives, whether for business or personal use. The good news is that you do not necessarily have to be a coding expert to create an amazing application. Application development using Mendix ensures you write little to no-codes and still get an app that drives your operations and articulates innovation.

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In addition to creating apps, Mendix helps improve business processes, deliver straightforward workflow automation, and offer other capabilities that add to your operations and growth.

But what is Mendix exactly? So, let us explore more about Mendix and how it can help you create your next app

What is Mendix?

Mendix is a top productivity app platform that allows you to create and constantly improve web and mobile applications. The Mendix platform speeds up enterprise app delivery in your overall application development lifecycle, from ideation to development and operations.

Mendix permits one to implement the best practices of DevOps and agile. Also, this platform goes beyond best practice implementation by incorporating business stakeholders in app development. Just in a single fully integrated platform, Mendix delivers both low-code and no-code tooling.

Low-Code app development platform permits you to develop mobile and business apps with minimal to no coding skills. They employ a graphical user interface (UI) with little logic and drag-and-drop capabilities rather than writing substantial lines of code.

NoCode app development platform that permits you to develop apps without writing any line of code. This means that you can easily create an app without coding skills.

With the two platforms, you can boost digital transformation, automate processes, and meet business demands to create an app

How Can Mendix Help Create an App?

Mendix platform supports every step of the app development lifecycle from ideation and requirements management, development and testing, to deployment and operations.

Here are in-depth insights on each step of app development with Mendix:

1. Ideation and Requirements Management

Ideation is the first step in the process of application lifecycle management. Mendix Developer Portal offers a new approach to problem-solving and smoothens the requirements management of the app development procedures. This portal provides user story management, sprint, and integrated feedback management capabilities. It has enclosed widgets that enable end-users directly offer feedback within the app. With user input, the development team can resolve business queries fast, easing rapid iteration.

2. Development and Testing

The second step involves developing and converting ideas into an application. Mendix employs visual modeling languages from all application aspects. The platform is designed for various users and delivers powerful developers’ daily work capabilities that may include:

  • Developers with a technical programming background can employ Mendix Studio Pro, JavaScript, and Java to create and extend an app.
  • Business Developers and Analysts can directly employ Mendix Studio to collaborate, review, and create an app.
  • Scrum Masters and Product Owners can use the Mendix Developer Portal to govern, Sprint backlogs, end-user feedback, and user requirements.
  • End-users who run acceptance tests can employ the app and Mendix Feedback Widget. The feedback is connected directly to the Mendix Developer Portal to enable the validation and review of user feedback by the Product Owner.

Development is visual from the beginning to the end with Mendix. Therefore, it helps ensure full customer engagement and proper requirements alignment during the development cycle.

Mendix ensures all models are extensible to avoid developers getting stuck. In this case, low-level optimization and particular app features can be created without foregoing model-driven development advantages.

The Mendix platform offers an extensive toolset for the development team to build adequate quality assurance with efficient test automation like AQM (Application Quality Monitor). AQM tracks the app quality throughout the operation and offers immediate insights into the app model’s quality and granularity of microservices and apps.

3. Deployment and Operations

Mendix offers the necessary comprehensive cloud deployment options. Also, it is completely optimized for compatibility with the current technologies and cloud platforms. Hence, Mendix promotes flexibility, speed, and ease in deploying and running your app in the Mendix Cloud.

With just one click, you can deploy to any cloud environment or on-premises directly from Mendix’s modeling environment. Therefore, it enables developers from different backgrounds to deliver applications to users. In simple terms, the Mendix platform allows development teams to adopt the DevOps way of operating. This implies one team can support, maintain, and develop apps in production while sticking to enterprise requirements.

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Key Principles of Mendix

In designing apps using Mendix, here are 3 core principles that can help transform the vision into reality.

  • Speed: You are well aware of how rapidly businesses are growing. You need to enhance your development skills and speed to bridge the existing gap. Fortunately, Mendix has all features you need to speed up your app development practices.
  • Collaboration: There is a rapid expansion of the talent gap in software development. Teaching programming to an increased number of individuals may not be the solution. Hence, you need to include the audience in software development. The secret behind this is collaboration.
  • Control: Mendix platform focuses on enterprise applications. Collaboration and speed are perfect for simple applications. However, enterprise applications require operations in a more sophisticated environment, which is more challenging. Mendix has inbuilt functionalities such as scalability, performance, security, and others. Therefore, processes can be enabled while your IT team is in control.


Create anything you can imagine, from simple tools that save time to enterprise apps that help smoothen your operations with Mendix. This is a low-code and no-code platform that anyone can employ for business improvement. The platform offers quality apps without any code complexities. It helps in the step-by-step app development lifecycle, and you can create an app that you can deploy sooner and succeed without a hassle.


Author: Indium
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