Testing for IoT Success

Testing for IoT Success

IoT – Internet of Things – is slowly, surely and intricately connecting gadgets to our lives. Be it vehicles, home appliances, medicinal equipment or embedded electronics, microchips have enabled collecting data and controlling devices remotely over a network….

Leverage Analytics to Win the IOT Game

“This article gives an overarching understanding and some strategies to make a foray in the propitious IoT and enabled analytics & consulting services industry. It is the first instalment of the series of blogs we would be publishing…

IoT Automation – How Feasible It Is?

Abstract IoT (Internet of Things) is a rapidly developing market, where the opportunities are huge on an end-to-end basis. The number of devices in the IoT spectrum is rapidly increasing with every passing day. The opportunities are also…

IoT testing Services

IoT Testing Complexities

A comprehensive QA strategy is essential to cover the dimensions of IoT testing. The strategy should include the types of testing, test lab setup, testing tools and simulators/emulators that are to be deployed. Considering the practical hiccups in…

IoT – Quiz

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Testing Internet of Things – QA Unleashed

Internet of Things (IoT) Testing Market Worth 1,378.5 Million USD by 2021 Indium Software

Wearable Tech – Comprehensive Test Plan for Hard and Soft Aspects

The Next Boom Self-motivation, self-learning, self-monitoring of health, self-security – the control is shifting to individuals thanks to wearable devices that help them monitor, assess and improve a range of measurable activities. From sports, fitness, infotainment to gaming,…

Leveraging your GPS data using Geospatial analytics

The advent of sharing economy has brought a sea change in the way urban populace commute locally. The Ubers, Lyfts and many other local players have made taxi riding convenient, affordable and safe. These rides have emerged as…