IoT and Fire Hazards: How Quality Testing Niche Govt Apps can Save Lives

The Role of IoT in preventing Fire Hazards

The fire safety industry has faced challenges such as having little to no resources or information for managing situations. Although there have been many developments in the kind of equipment that is used, the greatest hurdles arrive when the firefighters are on scene. The number of variables at a fire incident is not something that the human brain can comprehend and be objective about.

The Internet of Things is a technological development that has evolved over the years to support different spheres of life. One such department where it has been seen to be beneficial includes the firefighting department. IoT devices and sensors help to monitor buildings in smart cities in order to determine where the fire is, helps in faster aid dispatch, and quicker suppression of fire with the help of smart sprinklers and effective spatial information so the fighters are aware of their surroundings.

Advantages of IoT in Fire Safety

Instantaneous Reactions: data-sensors that work in real-time, cameras, and other devices are used to support firefighters’ decision making to handle the situation, minimise risks, and deploy faster evacuations, reducing fatalities and damage.

Reduced cost for system installation: network cables can carry the electrical power equivalent of two cables within a single data line using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

Less operational & servicing costs: Maintenance of safety equipment is of foremost importance. IoT sensors can indicate timely and efficient maintenance of assets reducing human error related to manual checks. Monitoring remotely over the internet alongside the capability to send diagnostic information over the same line helps the technician to acquire parts and complete the servicing in less time.

Applications of IoT in Fire Safety

There are many ways that IoT can aid in the ease of handling fire hazards and accidents. Wireless cellular networks can help communicate a vast range of data from IoT sensors to help in fire prevention and response, Analytics Insight notes.

“Once a fire breaks out, IoT data can support firefighters’ strategic decisions on what equipment and approach would be most effective to battle it. Heat-proof sensors can communicate when the fire starts off, its intensity, nature and spreading patterns, as well as whether there are any occupants in the fire zone,” according to a blog post from BehrTech, a company that manufactures wireless connective platforms.

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Koorsen Fire and Security states that tools in the future of fire safety may be even more data driven coupled with science-based tactics. They predict that devices will provide for better situational awareness and comprehensive data collection and communication after analysis can happen in real-time.

Multiple sources predict that robotic scouts or automated machine monitoring systems may come into action in the coming years with the drastic improvement in drone and AI technologies. Along with reduced response times and mapping technologies that human brains cannot possibly compute, these robotic drones are envisioned to carry oxygen supply canisters for both victims and fire fighters in burning structures.

Increasingly so, IoT is integrated with existing systems of alarms, personal fire safety devices and fire suit technology to make the process of firefighting easier for fire departments on a budget. Tracking technology helps keep the firefighters safe by reporting exactly where each member is to the shift commander. Lightweight RFID-based trackers are also being deployed on fire suits to communicate accurate locations on a linked team network. This helps the shift commander respond to threats quicker and be able to give quick and precise tactics for the team’s performance and movement in the field.

The Future of Safety

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