Integrating QA through TCoE and Agility

Industries and their way of operations all around the world are rapidly changing and adapting to the technological advancement for a smooth business process and more informed decision.

With the continuous pressure to quickly deliver software, businesses are investing time and money into setting up a TCoE. 

Key objectives are reducing Cost of Quality (CoQ), increasing test effectiveness and generating more ROI out of testing.

With increased focus on QA, many businesses are relying on specialist QA organizations to provide testing services.

This is largely due to the expertise that specialist QA organizations bring to the table, including TCoE capability.

agile-user-testing-usa-1Hence, partnering with them helps the business to circumvent the pain of finding skilled QA resources and setting up a mature QA, both in terms of process and technology.

In recent times, the number of operational TCoEs has increased from 4% to 26% and is expected to increase further in the future. As a result of the Ukraine-Russia War and COVID-19 epidemic, the Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) market is estimated to be double by 2028, with a 40% CAGR estimated to generate a lot of revenue till 2028.

From 2011 to till date, the number of operational TCoEs has increased from 4% to 26% and is expected to increase further in the future.

A report from business research firm Nelson Hall states that the independent testing sector will see an annual growth of 9.5% for the next few years

QA sees greater integration into the business through setting up agile testing teams, adopting Development and Operations (DevOps) methodology and establishing their own Testing Centers of Excellence (TCoE) .

agile-mobile-testing-usaAccording to 2021-20 world quality report, digital programs and Automation First strategy have become a standardized practices in QA activities. 

54% of the respondents have adopted agile development and the projects using agile testing have risen from 36% to 44%. Also, at the same time, organizations struggling with agile testing in agile development have decreased from 61% to 29%.

agile-mobile-apps-testing-usaNew technologies like SOA, cloud and mobile testing are on the rise. The smartphone revolution has brought businesses unprecedented access to their consumer base through the mobile app market. 

Businesses ranging from large corporations to neighborhood grocery stores, from helping people manage their finances and doing their banking to providing parents with easier access to monitor their child’s progress in school, mobility is playing a major role.

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The mobile application market is experiencing explosive growth both in terms of the sheer number of apps available to users and also in the logical complexity of their design.

In fact, trend of app only businesses is increasing rapidly. 2015 saw a great revolution in the mobile app testing industry with many new breakthroughs being achieved yet 56% of the companies still lack comprehensive mobile testing procedures.

The year witnessed an emphasis on modern mobile applications being compatible with various devices which led to the rise of cloud based app certification platforms.

In the year 2015, almost 36% of software was hosted in the cloud, but businesses still lack the necessary infrastructure for cloud testing. These might cause businesses to opt for TaaS (Testing as a service) options.

security-mobile-app-testing-usaThe increased usage and rapid development of mobile apps is a clear indicator for the need to test them thoroughly before releasing them to the market. 

With end user getting more critical of user experience and performance, it is a must to address certain mobile app testing challenges like user experience and app performance to name a few.

System robustness and security have always been a top priority, but with the growth in social media and mobility and the need for software that can be integrated with multiple platforms, systems are becoming more vulnerable.

There is a pressing need to ensure enhanced security, particularly in applications handling sensitive data. This is causing QA to focus more on security testing

Speed and the ability to deliver software faster is key to survive the present day competition.

And the most challenging transformation issues in organizations are constantly deploying a new patch or application in production, which propels the need for revolutionizing testing.

More and more businesses around the world are awakening to the need to have a well-designed and futuristic quality assurance process to maintain their edge in the industry.

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