Any company can be a great workplace, Here is how Indium is different.

Ann Marr Vice President, Global Human Resources at World Wide Technology tells that Great Place to Work attendees that millennials’ smarts and fresh thinking are crucial to business success.

At the 2017 Great Place to Work for All’s conference in Chicago, the word ‘MILLENIAL’ was buzzing around like a busy bee.

Marr held a breakout session as part of the conference’s first full day May 24 that highlighted why millennials are beneficial to companies and develop a pipeline of talent, especially to tech companies.

Millennials Helping to Shape Better Workplace

Why did we mention about the Millennial?

Any Idea?

It is the responsibility of the company to customize its work culture and environment to accommodate the new generation, ‘The Millennials’ and of course, the industry veterans.

Employees, Human Assets, are the best of the resources Indium has ever had. We do what do for our employees not in order to retain them or as an act of insurance. We do it because they make us. They represent us and they are out frontline fighting phalanxes.

Indium, one of the leading and oldest software testing firms in India, has made its mark on the corporate world. While the competitors and clients alike know us by quality and speed, the general public remembers us for what we do.

We would like to share a glimpse of what we do at Indium to make it a Great Workplace.

The Balancing Act

Indium has proven itself as a master of a balancing act. Indium has managed to balance the professional lives of its employees with their personal lives.

There are many planned programs that make sure that the employee is engaged in something more than their day to day work. Indium has found talent lurking amongst its employees which it brought to the fore through participation in many cultural talent exhibitions. Also, Indium has given employees an opportunity to feel good about being at their second ‘home’.

Be it ensuring fun at the workplace or ensuring the well-being and a contented heart of an employee, Indium has always been at the forefront and would continue to do so.


Collaboration and joint growth has been the mantra and indeed grounds for the great success stories of Indium Software. The culture of the firm is set in such a way that collaboration happens simultaneously and at the same time with the intent of empowering employees by imbibing a sense of ownership.

  1. Indium has created forums and events to facilitate our employees to showcase talents and seek help and guidance. Ploughing back the learnings from various engagements is a hallmark of our collaborative work ethic. This offers excellent opportunities to exchange ideas on technology trends, any innovation and best practices among our teams.
  2. Our reward and recognition are based on the client feedback and performance of the individuals. The reward will mean a token of appreciation of the performance of employees leading to significant improvements in the customer satisfaction, efficient work processes, and collaborative teamwork.
  3. Indium encourages and provides opportunities to network and collaborate through various events round the year such as Monthly Technical Forum meet, Sports day, inGenuity (Technical event), Ethnic day, Fun Club, birthday celebration, etc. Eventually, this helps in nurturing a common value system, leadership, building effective teams and boosts workplace morale


Indium has had a very diverse range of talent in its family. At Indium, We focus on Key Talent identification and nurturing in our teams.

We conduct cultural events, publish quarterly e-magazines and invite any work of art to have brought to our attention to instil the importance of having skills that would give them the identity.

Our employee learning and self-development is an ongoing process, which strongly emphasizes on pursuing all major testing certifications and other professional goals.

Grievance Redress

Indium has long maintained the policy of addressing and solving any cause for complaint of employees, no matter how insignificant it might seem.

This is one of the major boons which makes Indium a ‘Great place to Work’. Indium believes that setting up a right and healthy environment would ensure on the fly solutions to perceived or real problems is the key to retaining talent.


Indium takes a keen interest in lending an ear to what the employees have to say. There are special steps and measures taken to ensure that information is received seamlessly and in good spirits that it benefits the organization on the whole and also the individual.


Indium believes in and extends support to all its employees and their families on and off campus.

It is the belief that every employee at Indium is considered as an asset and also as a ‘Human being’ at the root level that enables us to go an extra mile.

A content smile, a satisfied sigh, and an eloquent silence is all we need in return. This support, we believe, is one of the pillars that Indium stands.

Work Place Culture Is About People.

Isn’t It?

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