Monetizing Player Data using Game Analytics

5 Minute Read One of the primary objectives of game analytics is to improve revenue. In any analytics dashboard, we can get a considerably massive amount of player’s data.


Game Analytics across Platforms

6 Minute Read One of the concerns about Game Analytics is the analysis across multiple platforms. Different platforms would need different set of metrics.


Methods to Improve the Lifetime of a Game

5 Minute Read A recent study reveals that only 15% of the games manage to retain around 35% of their new players after their first day of playing the game, which is just about one third of the new players.


The Importance of Game Analytics!

5 Minute Read Since games are made with a purpose of serving people with entertainment, it is important to keep in mind that user experience is one of the factors which could define the success of any game.


Indium Software’s Excellence Commended

3 Minute Read The time has come for Indium Software to be acknowledged for all the effort our team has been putting into our work over a span of nearly two decades.


How to make money using ads in Mobile Games

7 Minute Read The mobile games industry is dealing with a growing pain as app stores are becoming more and more crowded with new apps and games every week.


Candy Crush – The Puzzle Game Phenomenon

10 Minute Read This blog aims to divulge key insights on Candy Crush that includes secret ingredients, success factors and demography insights with interesting facts. Later it unveils the role of Software Testing Services/QA in puzzle games. Vijay



15 Minute Read Let me start by defining Gamification: Gamification is changing something that already exists by integrating game design elements and principles to motivate participation, engagement and loyalty. Indium


Remastered Games – Perfection at its best or a gimmick

11 Minute Read Introduction Remastered Games is a new trend in the gaming world at present. Classic and retro games that are withered away in time are now emerging again via remastering. Games that we played in our old days are…


6 Key Concerns in Mobile Game Testing

4 Minute Read No – 1: Gameplay The gameplay and User Interface of the game determine the success of the game in the market. One has to ensure that device fragmentation does not disrupt any of these. There are various things need…