A Peek Into Indium`s Expertise In Game Analytics

Covid-19 locked people across the globe inside their homes. Many industries have experienced deceleration and slowing down. But if there is one industry that has something to celebrate, it is gaming. According to a Newzoo report, mobile games alone are expected to generate revenues of $77.2 billion in 2020, growing at 13.3 % year on year. The overall gaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 8.3 % to generate revenues of $200.8 billion by 2023.

According to a KDNuggets analysis, there are over 2 billion gamers (players) globally. This offers a huge potential to generate revenues from your game. But this advantage is counterbalanced by the millions of games vying for gamer attention. This means that gamers have a choice and will flit from one game to another unless something compels them to stick on and return. The high numbers mean nothing unless they translate to customers for the game developer.

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What sells, what lures the gamers, and what retains their attention – these are questions they need answers for. A clear understanding of the following 5W1H that can help in improving the quality of the current games and introduce features that will make the game far and wide, both in popularity and revenue generation:

  1. Who are the players
  2. What types of features are popular
  3. Where are the revenues coming from
  4. Which marketing channels to focus on
  5. What is the difficulty level that gamers are willing to play at
  6. How to devise strategies to create new markets

The Power of Insights from Game Analytics

Gaming is no child’s play. It may be entertainment or thrill for gamers, but for the game developer, it is all about data-driven strategy formulation for business growth. They need to understand their audience, build a loyal customer base who return to their games often, and influence others to play.

The information that the game developer is seeking is easily available in the modern data-centric times we live in. Access to real-time data is a reality that makes it possible for developers to capture trends and gain insights that can help them improve their game design, content, and flow as well as introduce new features and levels that have a higher chance of success. Gaming analytics and data science allow producers to understand how gamers engage with their games and decide how the game should evolve to continue to delight customers.

Some of the key ways in which game analytics can facilitate this is through:

  • Predictive Analytics for analyzing current engagement patterns to predict future trends and plan game development strategy accordingly. This requires skills in data science.
  • Churn Analytics to help understand what makes players leave, the difficulty level at which the gamers exit, analyze the root cause, and the like. This is descriptive analytics and happens at three levels:
    – Assessing when players prefer to play  – whether they play every day or during weekends
    – Whether the free version or the paid one draws more traffic
    – This determines where the revenue generation is higher and to focus more on the more profitable aspects of the business
    – Up to which difficulty level gamers play and the reasons they exit
  • Customer Experience Analytics is another area that helps assess the popular features of the game

The insights thus gained help with:

  • Enhancing the gaming experience
  • Improving the revenue generation possibilities
  • Creating the right marketing mix to leverage different channels
  • Identifying strengths and building on them
  • Correcting weaknesses

Indium – The Gaming and Analytics Expert

To derive meaningful insights, it is important to have an understanding not only of gaming and the game but also data, how to extract it, and leverage it. A solution provider like Indium Software, a diversified Big Data, Analytics, Digital, and Gaming company, combines experience with expertise to help you tap into data and translate it into success. Not only does Indium have a strong analytics capability but also has a center of excellence for gaming, iXie, that is well equipped with different devices and a strong team representing interest across genres.

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The Indium team works with a range of tools for data extraction, transformation, AI, and visualization to create interactive dashboards that are customizable and available to different functions based on their needs. These include:

  • Python, a programming language
  • Random forest, an algorithm
  • Tableau, PowerBI and Qliksense visualization tools
  • Apache nifi, DBT, data extraction and transformation tools 
  • AI & ML algorithms such as Regression Algorithms, Tree Algorithms, Boosting  techniques, PCA, clustering

With seven years of experience working with more than 50 gaming companies and 150 gaming titles across genres, the Indium team ensures you get the inputs you need to improve the monetization of your game.

For features testing, the team can play games on different devices using players from different genres to assess the game’s functionalities, performance and identify any glitches or deterrents to proceeding further.

If you would like to make your game a real game-changer and benefit from the Indium gaming heritage and Big Data and analytical expertise, contact us here: https://www.indiumsoftware.com/inquiry-now/