Indium successfully completes a software testing engagement for all the on-line properties at one of the world’s leading auction companies.

Indium Software has been in the forefront of testing services for the last 13 years across a wide-range of technologies. Many of our customers are leveraging our distinctive capabilities to independently test and enhance their products’ quality.

Our assessment of the customer’s web properties highlighted a few major concerns

  • The constant change requests for the product necessitated continuous regression testing and demanded faster release cycles
  • Limited QA bandwidth to extensively test, which led to a significant number of defects not being discovered in the application under test
  • The web application enables 1000’s of concurrent users to auction their products on a daily basis – Could it handle these transactions?
  • Need for unbiased software testing and QA to ensure there is no gap in application quality

Are you in a similar spot? Indium can help

  • Execute the regression suite for all the components, for all language preferences & OS / browser combinations – using Manual and Test Automation based capabilities
  • Test Automation frameworks (Automating tests) that can improve regression test lifecycle by 70% and thereby improve time to market
  • Ensure high test coverage by ensuring that test cases are mapped to business requirements
  • Perform Scalability / Soak / Load Testing and Performance Benchmarking

Simple, Flexible & Scalable Service Model

  • Achieve better Testing– 100% Test Coverage
  • Consistency – Reusable, modularized, flexible and easy to maintain test scripts
  • Faster Time to Market – ‘QoQ’ improvement in % automation and reduction in regression cycle time
  • Higher ROI through off-shore delivery
  • Leverage the best of breed people, processes and tools

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