Continuous Performance Regression Testing

“Application Testing Services Market Worth 50.14 Billion USD by 2022”

Based on organization size, the small & medium enterprises segment of the Application Testing Services Market is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. – Based on Markets and Markets report on Data Resiliency Market

Today, application’s high performance is lavish but also a basic need for the business.

Those days are gone when one had to apprehend customer/stakeholders about the benefits of performance testing.

Now, organizations are only worried about the growing market change where they lhave to compete.

Additionally, they need to get acclimated with the speed of changes to adjust time-to-market stresses.

Consequently, performance testing services currently turns out to be extremely critical before the application goes live regardless of whether it’s major or minor discharges or dash for an agile based task.

There is no doubt that starting from requirement gathering to production analysis, application performance an utter importance.

Why we need regression performance testing?

Before discussing on continuous regression performance testing, lets discuss why performance testing is so crucial in SDLC.

  • Provide realistic prediction before launching the application or before any minor release
  • Pre-production performance testing results assist in finding performance hiccups and resolve those bottlenecks before going to production
  • Performance benchmarking can be used which supports business continuity
  • Assist in Capacity planning

There are also lot of intangible benefits from performance testing like improved brand identity, customer satisfactions.

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Generally, performance-testing takes place right before production release and usually there is a time constraint as the project has to go live on time. On contrary to that, now a days, there are application changes which required to become competitive in market.

So, the actuality is performance testing window is always very short and there are many releases and sprints throughout the year.

In a nutshell, early performance testing in SDLC phases covers all of the above concerns and it is like the sooner problems get identified, the sooner it can be fixed.

Performance testing team is required to test the application quickly, repetitively by closely working with the application development team to meet the application’s speed, scalability and stability.

Time for Continuous Regression Performance Testing

The time has come for continuous regression performance testing, this is required now for all projects at the early stages of SDLC, as it will avoid failure and decrease the overall development cost.

Continuous regression performance testing is an ongoing activity. It is not limited to preproduction activity rather can be continued until post-deployment.

This is absolutely required for leveraging flexibility, coverage and effectiveness.
Continuous performance regression testing services always gives confidence ahead of deployment.

It assures end-users for new features and eliminates the potential risk of arising new performance issues.

Advantages of Continuous Performance Regression Testing

  • Swift exposure of performance bottlenecks: Executing a performance testing at the initial stages of the product development will help identify bottlenecks, thus fixing the bugs at the initial stages
  • Saving time, effort and costs: As the performance bottleneck is uncovered at a primary stage and fixed earlier. It will reduce the resource and time requirements to fix the critical issues in an immense way.
  • Fewer Bugs: Any bugs that are left unchecked can lead to further complex errors in the future stages of production. Since the bugs are caught earlier, the complication of the identified bugs will be managed easily and the real number of bugs to be fixed will also be manageable.
  • Stabilized Application: Continuous iterations are required in an Agile environment, this will lead to more repeated and severe performance testing, this results in stable applications, and all key risks are taken care of, adding the requisite stability.
  • Reusable scripts means saving of effort: There might be different scripts in the execution testing process that might be reused proceeding. This re-utilize may prompt saving reserve funds of up to 60%.
  • Boosts Confidence: Since the product gets tried on the entirety of its parameters and for usefulness for a significant number of times on an iterative premise, the organizations certainty and confidence in its item gets reaffirmed and they can make sure of a glittering example of overcoming adversity

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In Conclusion

Regression testing capably dives into the examination of coding refreshes and their effect upon application associations with conditions and interfaces. The essential idea of regression testing is to guarantee the product’s capacity to perform proposed capacities continuous by changes or enhancements.