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Communication Skills for Testers

  • Software testing
  • Abhay Das
  • March 6, 2015
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You may be in believe that intelligence, knowledge or experience gets you a job. This may be right in some aspects, but strong communication skills will help you in career growth and personality development.

Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success. Being perfect in all ways of communications, be it presentation skill, verbal or written communication, helps in building your personality.

Poor communication may lead to disagreement and misunderstandings.

Now, talking about testers, communication plays a significant part of their work. Testers need to coordinate or liaise with various project team members that include client’s team.

A tester should have good communication skills. Otherwise, he/she will neither be able to find the common solutions for a problem nor will be able to express their views effectively.

To help you in building your communication skills, here are few guidelines to be a LAER Listener.

L – Listen – Never interrupt the speaker and try to understand his/her views completely . Do not think of asking any questions.

A – Acknowledge – Make sure that you are attentive and following the conversation.

E – Explore – Think through and give all possible suggestions before you commit/accept anything.

R – Respond – Have a clarity of thought when you respond

Try to implement it right away and be a LAER listener to have a successful career.

Personal views, thoughts and feedbacks are appreciated.

Abhay Das