Hybrid Data Management

4 Minute Read Data is the most important asset of an enterprise. It’s no secret that data is growing at a pace that is making enterprises not just take notice but also make a hard stop,


Cloud-Based Load Balancing – An Overview

5 Minute Read Information Technology is one of the fastest growing industries, thanks to cloud computing, which helps enterprises in managing a large volume of data.

Cloudera and how to configure it on AWS – EC2

Beginners guide for Cloudera and how to configure it on AWS – EC2!

4 Minute Read Cloudera release or sell products which includes the official Apache Hadoop release, and/or their own and other useful tools.


Top 12 Cloud Security Threats

16 Minute Read Cloud computing has transformed organizations completely and the growth of cloud has created new security challenges. Back in 2014 Code Spaces, a code hosting and software collaboration platform hosted its application in AWS was put out of business…


Top Cloud Testing Tools

6 Minute Read The benefits of testing in cloud is huge. From ease of availability to scalability, testers are already reaping its benefits. Not to forget the low cost involved in testing. Cloud testing tools helps in testing mobile devices and…


Security Testing Essentials of Cloud-based Application

4 Minute Read An IDC survey states that 87.5% of IT cloud computing businesses are concerned about Security Issues. Indium


Cloud Testing to Mitigate Risk

5 Minute Read Tech leaders are continuously adopting cloud IT strategies to leverage the profitable advantages that include speed, agility, scalability, accessibility, flexibility and innovation. Implementation of cloud computing is more and more being considered by organizations as the most suitable…

Leveraging your GPS data using Geospatial analytics

8 Minute Read The advent of sharing economy has brought a sea change in the way urban populace commute locally. The Ubers, Lyfts and many other local players have made taxi riding convenient, affordable and safe. These rides have emerged as…

Why is there a huge buzz today around Analytics though the field has been there for decades?

4 Minute Read Price discrimination and downward demand spiral are widely used analytical concepts/practices in the Airlines and Hospitality industries respectively, long before the term Big Data Analytics was even coined. Incidentally, these concepts have been taught in global elite b-schools for decades. So,…