Adversarial AI

What is Adversarial AI and why is it Dangerous?

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How to use TensorFlow

How to use TensorFlow – Belgium Traffic Sign Use Case

Nanthini Ganesan

Top AI and ML Trends in 2018!

Top AI and ML Trends in 2018!

Since, John McCarthy coined the term AI way back in 1955; AI has come a really long way. Fast forward 63 years and artificial intelligence is transforming industries like healthcare, fintech and various other industries across the spectrum….

5-challenges-in-AI and DeepLearning

5 Challenges in AI and Deep Learning

Much of today’s technological murmur and speculation revolves around artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning. The most talked about topic is whether artificial intelligence will replace manual labor in the years to come. A very interesting statistic is…

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition and its Applications

Facial recognition technology was always a mythical conceptthat we thought could be a tool that could solve many of our problems but would never see the light of day. Today, facial recognition is everywhere and is a part…

5-Predictions about the future of Data Analytics

5 Predictions about the future of Data Analytics

Data is been a buzzword for a couple of decades now. However, Big data and Data science have become a hot topic more recently. Big Data has become a part of every organization and clearly, it has taken…

Evolution of the Music Industry – How Big Data was the catalyst!

Big Data has influenced almost every industry today. The music industry has also been a benefactor of Big Data. Let’s see how the music industry has come a long way with the influx of Big Data. ABHIMANYU SUNDARAbhimanyu…

AI In Software Testing

The Role of AI in Software Testing

We all know that over the recent years, AI has proven to be quite helpful for the human race in the multifarious fields like statistics, graphical studies, astronomy and so on. But now the concerned matter is whether…