Agile Testing Life Cycle

As the intricacy of software continues to grow and time to market shortens, software QA Services becomes a serious business.

Testers have to be responsible for quality response to developers instantaneously along with the development cycle.

This is an age of continuous integration and companies started embracing this new change.

Test smarter, not harder !!!

There is no choice, other than surviving the lashing pace of the software unveilings.

Today, releases that happened once a week and updates are often made several times a day.

By implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the existing testing practices, businesses can move beyond traditional testing practice to completely automated testing.

But wait a minute!! How did we forget the most preferred way of software development?

i.e. Agile Testing practice!!!

When to use Agile model

  • Terms will not be completely understood by all shareholders
  • The client will never realize what they need until the point when they watch a working program
  • An intuitive framework cannot be completely specified nor be able to ever be completely tested.
  • Software develops all the more quickly in disorderly conditions

Advantage of Agile Testing Practice


Improve the the quality of software testing process


Flexible methods and adjustable to drastic changes.


Adaptable methodologies and versatile to radical changes.

Test Plan for Agile

Typical test plan in agile includes

  • Testing Scope
  • Consolidating new functionalities to be tested
  • Level or Types of testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Infrastructure Consideration
  • Mitigation or Risks Plan
  • Resource Planning
  • Deliverables & Milestones

Agile Testing Lifecycle

A well designed agile testing approach includes the following four steps –

  • Impact analysis
  • Agile Testing Planning Meetup
  • Release Readiness
  • Daily Scrums
  • Agility Review

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Agile Testing is completely different from waterfall method. It can commence at the beginning of the project and there is option for continuous integration between testing and development through the project. It is not in sequence but incremental and continuous.

The Agile team works towards one goal of achieving Quality. It has a capability of shortening the periods called iterations. This process is called a release. Agile testing helps to work in delivery driven methodology.