5 Essentials That Your QA Fits Into Devops

DevOps, a combination of Development and Operations is a software development method that is for integrating all the software related functions from development to operations in the same cycle.

DevOps has moved from continuous integration to continuous development where the code will be written, built, programmed, deployed, and tested making it ready to be implemented by the end-user.

This entirely automated process has helped the standardization of the entire chain of tests and processes. Not only does the process automation accelerate the process, it also grants freedom to concentrate on stakeholder`s efforts on coding, designing and delivering high-quality operations and QA processes.

QA is an Inevitable Part of the Devops Journey

  • QA plays a strategic role in ensuring the quality of the codes, testing, and deployment in par with the Development and operations.
  • QA is a bridge between Development and operations that is a continuous approach to ensure continuous development with quality.
  • QA helps detect bugs earlier ensuring the quality of the software/ application.
  • QA integrating with development and operations results in an Agile outcome that enables the continuous development of applications/ Software.
  • QA helps to deliver the objectives of DevOps by consistently advancing the technology as per the market and consumer needs and demands.

DevOps has evolved to become a pillar for any organisation.

Here`s a list of 5 essentials that play a vital role in enabling QA to fit within DevOps.

1- Focusing on the core of testing:

The core of QA is testing and the that must be made a part of every development team, be it for software development or application development. Focus on the end-user`s experience by closely working with the user`s community.

The team must have room for risk management, critical testing and knowledge about functional and non-functional testing aspects of the software/ application.

2 – Possessing relevant skills of tools and frameworks

Experimenting with a new software or application being the first and foremost step to assuring quality, a team with the right skill-set needs to be employed to handle the DevOps process.

Wanting to continuously develop, integrate and operate your software application

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The testers must posses sound proficiency in automation and the various tools that are required to perform the same. They must have a clear understanding of the operations environment, performance of the software, and the requirements of the stakeholders.  The expertise of the qa team must be oriented towards tools, systems and technologies.

The team needs to focus on the automation strategy that they are to implement, whether it is open-sourced or licensed. At any given stage of progress, it is important to have full clarification on the use of tools to prevent delays and derail the process.

3 – Agile Testing

DevOps combines development and operations with synchronised agility. The agile approach is a mature take on it. A healthy proportion of software development and testing is now driven by agile methodologies.

Knowing if the process can integrate effectively with cross-functions, ensuring continuous integration and development are some of the tasks that always need attention.

4 – A team with experience in the industry

Testers who were involved with test automation and other testing services can provide an edge over accomplishing tasks that can yield good results. Potential bottlenecks can be figured and possible impacts on the business can be forecasted.

Knowledge of the industry not only increases efficiency, it can help guide fellow testers to follow testing methods that can bring high levels of positive business impact.

5 – The team`s culture

the culture followed by the QA team determines if the Devops is happening well. Adapting to latest updates in tools, technologies and operations can help develop software and applications faster and in a way that there is no lag in technology.

There must be a synchronisation with the development and operations teams to fulfil the testing processes. The three pillars- Development, QA and operations must work hand-in-hand to ensure smooth integration.


The method of DevOps certainly reinvents the position of testers with the knowledge on the constant need for testing the development and operations simultaneously. There is a need to ensure that faster time-to-market and cost effectiveness are achieved.

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QA and DevOps are extremely important while testing digital technologies and designing applications/ software in environments that require continuous growth, development, and implementation.

Partnering with the right QA service provider can help benefit organisations to have a balance between Software testing, Development, and Operations.

Author: Vaibhavi Tamizhkumaran
Vaibhavi is a Digital Marketing Executive at Indium Software, India with an MBA in Marketing and Human Resources. She is passionate about writing blogs on the latest trends in software technology. Her passion further encompasses writing blogs on fashion, religious views, and food. Singing, dancing & mandala artwork are her stress busters. Sticking to the point and being realistic is her mantra!