AR VR Testing

With the ever-evolving modern landscape, companies are finding it difficult to efficiently incorporate modern technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) into their digital platforms. These technologies must be harnessed to enhance the overall customer experience which is why Indium Software offers you the most agile AR and VR testing methods to help you grow sustainably.

The Key Details Of AR/VR Testing

Compared to traditional testing, AR/VR testing consumes more time. It requires the right environments to test the app with physical objects such as different scenes and lighting. But AR/VR perfectly aligns with the traditional test pyramid, which includes User Interface (UI), Integration, and Unit Testing.

When it’s about mobile VR/AR apps, we follow specific, detailed checklists for testing. It includes testing a variety of screen orientations, internet connection and measuring memory and battery consumption. We offer:

AR/VR Testing that supports smartphones, tablets, and AR/VR headsets.
Efficient ways to resolve issues that can occur within physical environments.

AR/VR Testing

In a highly competitive consumer landscape where user requirements change constantly, brands are laying emphasis on differentiating themselves from others. Indium Software helps you do the same while driving customer engagement.

Most companies are adopting AR and VR technology to enhance their performance. But it may not always be easy to get it right in the first go, especially when it’s evolving continuously.

One of the common obstacles that companies face is implementing AR and VR at the right place. Testing is another major challenge. Virtual Reality, sometimes AR too, includes an immersive component that can affect any automated/lab testing of the technology.

Indium Software: Your One-Stop Solution

At Indium Software, we have been working with the goal of addressing these problems faced in AR/VR testing and help our clients achieve their business goals. We have helped many leading brands with an engaging and cutting-edge AR/VR experience to build a comprehensive testing strategy that includes:

Functional Testing

Indium Software’s seasoned team of QA testers run exploratory tests and execute test cases to ensure the integration process is seamless and you get the most out of AR/VR.

Usability Testing

Now you can easily run pre-production testing! Our experienced testers will match your target demographic. You can see if the selected use cases for AR/VR meet your customers’ demands. Not only this, but you will also receive actionable feedback about how your users are interacting with the technology.

Hardware Testing

You require an additional hardware component for Virtual Reality to be functional. Worry no more as you can leverage Indium Software’s team of testers to ensure that your device is working efficiently while meeting the needs of your targeted demographic. We also ensure the compatibility of your device with other software/devices required for simulation.

Immersive Testing

With our efficient AR/VR Testing solutions, you can identify if your VR is causing too much motion sickness or it isn’t immersive enough. We also recommend the right physical environment. For instance, how much open space you require for an individual using VR.

Holistic Testing Approach

We, at Indium Software, believe in building a strong relationship with our customers. Our business value-driven approach helps them meet their varied business needs.

When you work with cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, you need to understand that the crucial factor of any testing is the human element i.e., you and your testing partner. Hence, you need to invest your resources in a testing partner who perfectly understands your testing needs and helps you grow rapidly. And this, is at the core of Indium Software.

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