Agile Testing Services

To keep pace with today’s rapidly-shifting digital world, release cycles have shrunk as the quest for competitive edge grows stronger while adapting to changing consumer preferences.


Time is a non-negotiable, but quality is equally important to provide stability for any digital offering. Software testing and quality assurance (QA) are indispensable parts of the software development cycle.

Agile testing helps companies achieve business agility, meet the expected standards of quality and deliver a seamless customer experience – which are essential to be successful in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Indium’s agile testing approach and methodology

Our team of certified testers, with deep experience and knowledge in test and lifecycle automation, understand the quality challenges that can crop up while implementing testing in agile environments.

We help navigate them by:

Defining clear, shared objectives across teams

Establishing risk planning and prevention

Continuous monitoring and continuous deployment

Staying flexible

Indium’s agile testing differentiators

Our agile testing service enables our clients to gain a competitive edge and achieve the full potential of their agile projects.

Continuous integration (CI) -

Our agile testing service helps achieve continuous integration and automation by leveraging our custom Test automation framework that integrates seamlessly with CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Bamboo, Puppet, Go, Hudson and more) and deployment processes.

Lean Governance -

We help implement quality gates to ensure if the product is ready for release, sprint reviews to examine sprint outcomes and sprint retrospectives to improve quality and efficiency.

Distributed agile framework -

We help co-located and offshore teams work collaboratively to deliver quality, agility and scalability, while minimizing costs.

Test automation -

Expertise in industry-leading Test automation tools, agile development tools and delivering lifecycle automation.

Agile transformation

How enterprises think about testing must evolve to maintain pace with the speed of development in agile. Testing must become shift-left and needs to happen simultaneously with development, while sprint planning must take into consideration the need for testing and estimate the necessary work for testing.

At Indium, our quality engineering for agile transformation includes:


Automation at unit level followed by GUI and API-level automation


Identification of performance objectives for user stories


Enhancing integration of tools to help implement continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)


Real-time reporting and tracking

How Indium can help

We are a trusted testing partner for many organizations at different stages of adopting agile, with 20+ years of experience serving Fortune 100, global enterprises and SMBs. For those new to the agile methodology, Indium has helped with QA planning, evaluation, and metrics. For more mature organizations, we have helped seamlessly integrate with sprint teams in order to greatly improve test coverage, test quality and test velocity.

Indium’s expertise in quality engineering enables us to deliver an increment with each sprint.

Our agile testing service is delivered through pre-built test suites that combine with development to identify defects, remove redundancy and reinforce QA while applications are being developed. With a step-by-step process beginning with sprint planning and ending with execution, Indium’s agile testing specialists help you achieve true agility.


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